So, Anyone else hoping for pve gamemodes?

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1 Juin 2017 15:02

A story might be a stretch considering how "hard" devs these days seem to think that is.
But like a pve gamemode would be neato.....
Maybe just me tho..

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1 Juin 2017 15:35

In our community hot topics #6 we mentioned how we plan to handle PvE for the future

We also just recently released a pve mode on the PS4 called havoc smile

Nathan "nwood" Wood
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1 Juin 2017 16:10

That is a PS4 timed-exclusive no less! smile

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Miguel "MiguelItUp" Rial - Six Foot Player Relations Specialist

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1 Juin 2017 16:37

@Neko : Look at the bright side, as far as these games go the level of progress and fixes being achieved in each major patch surely outdoes most "f2p" games currently out there. I personally like the basic story upstart on the PC version, I didn't even think it was necessary, then again I come from Cloud Pirates so my expectations are easily met. Or in this case blown away.

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