Possibility of a Miniatures version of DN

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23 Juin 2017 10:34

Probably a bit too far into thinking in a possible future but would be an interesting direction or another area to consider for this game to have in the gaming community. Just started looking at XWING and star wars Armada miniatures and with their gameplay and rules sounds like it can do wonders for DN to have a home in this genre of gaming and it would also make the opportunity to have these pretty ships come to physical form to collect or use for a game night on a tabletop. Haven't played in past months due to personal situations and do miss playing every now and then. Also been shifting around my interest in games and looking to other areas then just the video variety (miniature tactics, board games, etc).

you won't escape my Frightning bolts!!!

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23 Juin 2017 13:18

Although I have never played XWing or Star Wars Armada, a similar game with ships from dreadnought where you have entire fleets sounds awsome. I have seen several videos about them and they looked very interesting, although laziness and stinginess have prevented me from trying it out myself.

But I would probably agree to anything that would allow me to have my own minature vindicta...

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