Guten Tag! - Personal introduction of German Community Manager

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14 Septembre 2017 05:23

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14 Septembre 2017 09:06

Hi everyone and "Guten Tag"!

I am Hardy and I am the Community Manager responsible for the German speaking Dreadnought community. The German version of Dreadnought is son to arrive and we are aiming to provide the full spectrum of language support. This is why I joined the team in Berlin in late August and I am really proud of now being a member of the awesome team that made Dreadnought happen.

I am a German dude that enjoys gaming from the early days on. Starting in 1991 on an Amiga 500 (512 kB RAM FTW) I worked myself up the ladder through countless PC builds to a point where I have steering wheel, shifter, HOTAS, Oculus, three pedals, rudder pedals and more stuff lying around at my gaming desk in Berlin (I really should stop getting more peripherals).

I enjoy all kinds of games but I mostly dig shooters, racing simulations and of course space sims. I can even remember playing Elite and Wing Commander on my Amiga back in the day - the framerate was ridiculous but it was great fun nonetheless.

I joined the team from "Bigpoint Games" and earlier "Sega of America" and working with Dreadnought is my best experience of working in the Games industry so far.
I am looking forward to working with all you guys and gals and you can find me in the German forum, on Discord and on our German Facebook page.

By the way: My Dreadnought name is: Sgt_Scuzzlebutt

See you in the game, the forums, on Facebook or somewhere else,


Hardy Schilling
Dreadnought Community Manager - German

"Anything worth doing, is worth doing right!"

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28 Septembre 2017 13:43

Dann herzlich Willkommen, vielleicht sieht man sich mal im Gefecht! smile

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28 Septembre 2017 16:43

Vielen Dank!

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13 Octobre 2017 03:39

Hallo zusammen.Ich bekomme das game nicht zum laufen kann mir mal einer helfen ?

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