Win Some Dreadnought Swag!

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2 Juin 2015 17:39

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2 Juin 2015 17:43

Ender's Game : MD-500 "Asset".
Unofficially called from operators: "The Little Doctor".

This 70 billions dollars of pure destruction, can take an entire Enemy's Armada or stripe-out a medium size Planet Surface with a single shot.
The Dual Barrel - Particle Bean Acceleration, provockes a Critical Mass with Molecular Detachment spreadble effect for a clean, sure, quick medicine of what ever is in focus !

Nothing to add.... for now !

DISCORD Status = . . . OnLine . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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2 Juin 2015 17:47

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2 Juin 2015 17:49

Battlestar Galactica and Captain Malcolm Reynolds

I am truly amazed as all the single post people popping up in this thread. And the handful of people with hundreds of posts not here at all in the first five pages and counting.

Patience wins the war.

“His heart was mailed with oak and triple brass who first committed a frail ship to the wild seas.”
Black Widows

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2 Juin 2015 18:14

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and Captain Juzo Okita
The wave motion gun and 28 torpedo tube launcher make the Yamato so awesome!

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2 Juin 2015 18:36

Browncoats Forever! (Firefly/Malcom "Tightpants" Reynolds)

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2 Juin 2015 18:59

Captain Leela and the Planet Express Ship, never had enough firepower

let my beam heal you

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2 Juin 2015 19:28

I love Star Wars and my favorite ship captain was Han Solo. Man who control the Falcon with his pal Chewie

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2 Juin 2015 21:56

One of my favorite series is Ergo Proxy, and Jet Black, captain of the Bebop.

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2 Juin 2015 22:17

Star Trek: The Next Generation. Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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2 Juin 2015 22:28

While I have a hard time arguing with Buttknifer, I'm going to have to say WH40K universe, and I'll take an Ork pirate Kaptin: Badrukk. Spacefaring greenskin pirate that cheats his own kind and is extremely rich... I'd drop a mic if I had one.

Gigabyte GTX 770 4gb OC, 32 gb 2400 ram, liquid cooled i5 4690, 2X 240gb SSDs in raid 0, 4tb secondary hdd

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3 Juin 2015 00:03

Firefly and Captain tight pants IMEAN Reynolds. Captain Reynolds

Casual gamer who enjoys a good sci fi genre game!

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