Big Red not-so-functional "Sign Up Now" button on the front page

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30 Mai 2015 00:55

Just in case you guys haven't noticed the signup script doesn't seem to think any email entered is valid, effectively preventing anyone from signing up, tested in both Chrome and Firefox just now. Fortunately I didn't find that same problem in creating a normal account to mention this or I'd have been pointing it out on the Facebook page :P

I came hoping to find a beta signup and found a bug in the sign up system, go figure.

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30 Mai 2015 03:26

That's strange, it worked fine for me but that was a few months ago now.

I'm sure it will get looked into.

Detected three minor impacts across the bow, No damage registered, Probably just debris, Sir.

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2 Juin 2015 17:18

Hey Kyrtin, it seems your issue is unique and we're in the process of investigating. Sorry you're having troubles! I will message you privately with any further updates.

Thanks for joining us on the forums!

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