A new DN Community Manager has arrived! - Hello Everyone!

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5 Octobre 2017 16:39

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6 Octobre 2017 11:42

Hello everyone!
I wanted to do a quick intro of myself as I am the newest member of the community team here on Team Grey Box and will be working on tons of things relating to Dreadnought!

My name is Kyle, and I am the community streamer relations specialist. Meaning, I will be overseeing and creating our live streaming strategy and content creation. Yes, we will be doing active & consistent live-streams again! I cannot share much more yet as this is being finalized & the studio is being built out now, but I am excited to soon share with you the content that we will be creating!

Additionally, I will be building relationships & working with content creators such as many of you! What does this mean? Well, pretty much the sky is the limit! For now, I am working on a larger program that will evangelize and reward some of the top creators out there! More details to come closer to the end of the year on the formal program, but for right now I want to know/see what you do! Do you live-stream? Do you create let's plays? Do you create informative videos? Anything else that is interesting? Be sure to let me know as I will begin to share much of your content to the community such as sharing when you are live, or if a cool video is posted. Not too mention, once the larger program is in-place, our most dedicated and creative creators will be invited to the program in the first wave.

How to let me know when your live or share content you have created or see an awesome streamer playing live? Send me a PM on Discord - PenguinRage#6372 & keep an eye for me in your live stream chats (PenguinRage).
Please be mindful that I cannot share each and everyone, all the time, but will do my best to spread the love!

It is crazy to believe that I am just now making this post, but with hitting the ground running & building things out that I am sure you all will enjoy, has kept me quite busy through my first 3 weeks smile
I look forward to meeting many of you and discussing some awesome things in the near future!


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6 Octobre 2017 16:12

sounds good cant wait to see whats coming :: @GrimmHammer (Twitter) :: (my twitch discord, features guides,builds, and reviews) :: :: Mentor Night Coordinator

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8 Octobre 2017 14:37

Hey buddy - welcome
I would really like to see some more background story, heard that Dan Abnett was penning it, will this be happening ? Thanks smile

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9 Octobre 2017 11:40

Are you any good at the game?

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9 Octobre 2017 12:06

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9 Octobre 2017 12:40

Hello PenguinRage! Right now i am trying to making Dreadnought streams on English and Russian languages.
If u are interested - add me on Discord and you can check my channel - Serwerty Gaming.

P.S. Important note - i just begun streaming Dreadnought on English =)

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9 Octobre 2017 13:54

Heeeeeeeeeeeey Mr. PenguinRage! I look forward to seeing you around!

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9 Octobre 2017 14:11

Hey buddy, good luck on your endeavors!

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9 Octobre 2017 15:10


Having any issues and need some assistance? Our support team would be more than happy to help! You can reach out to them here!

Miguel "MiguelItUp" Rial - Six Foot Player Relations Specialist

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9 Octobre 2017 19:31

Welcome and good luck, looking forward to seeing this game go a long way.

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