GAME MODE:fighters' battle

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26 Juin 2015 06:05

Fighters' battle
Basically it's a 10vs10 battle with fighters only.Both teams have a dreadnought that is not controlled by player[It's an NPC/BOT] and both teams trying to destroy enemy's dreadnought.There will be big fighters battles like battlestar galactica around the dreadnoughts,many explosions,high speed maneuvering battles,high tense,good team strategy and more.
I would like more than 10vs10 but we are still at the beginning of the game.
When you die you will spawn at your team's dreadnought,as a fighter of course.
Winning team is the one that will destroy enemy's dreadnought.
battlestar galactica experience at its finest
both dreadnoughts will fight each other of course

Dreadnought Wikia

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27 Juin 2015 05:19

This kind of game mode was already suggested, like here :

For me it's a no, as the game is focused on large capital ships battle (as the devs constantly remind us). So game modes should place the big ships first, and then give the fighters as a second option.

Waiting Carrier.exe to be present in Dreadnought.
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