Update on the Dreadnought Release Window

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12 Janvier 2016 20:44

DEVASTRATOR#4326 posted (#post-10046)

Exocet#9793 posted (#post-10045)

Any good news for 2016?

Closed Alpha this Jan/Feb
Closed Beta first half of 2016

For more information about the plans of Dreadnought in 2016 I would suggest you to read the producer letter here

Exactly what Deva said.(i wish there was somekind of a like button..)

"The First Of His Name"

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20 Janvier 2016 21:05

I've got my key!

Check your emails!

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21 Janvier 2016 21:28

Aw, I didn't get a key ;(

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22 Janvier 2016 07:15

neither did I, or at least not yet!

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22 Janvier 2016 07:48

Bravo Zulu to Grey Box. I've been following Dreadnought for quite sometime. My first thoughts of any actual early game play was for summer 2016. Thanks big time for the early invite. Was blown away when I spotted the e-mail notice.

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22 Janvier 2016 10:09

Oh boy i´m so hyped for this. I´ve been waiting since Gamescom 2015 :o

Emperor protects!

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22 Janvier 2016 12:21

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22 Janvier 2016 12:25

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22 Janvier 2016 12:28

No, I'm not in the alpha, so I don't know if this will work. But try this link.

It's a minor adjustment to your link.

It worked for me when not logged into the forums and pasting the link in a new page

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22 Janvier 2016 14:15

i get no key for alpha sniff smile

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30 Janvier 2016 22:46

w00t, just got an alpha key. THANKS DEVS!!!!!

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