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5 Août 2015 08:03

The Phoenix-Staffel was formed at some time in 2009 to combat the increasing piracy in the Sirius Sector in a game called Freelancer. Today it consists of individuals who are desperately searching for a new game to play!

We accept any English speaking members but prefer German speaking ones since our clan is mostly from Germany. Apart from that we only have two requirements:

TeamSpeak, is a free of charge program and essential for good communication, which is significant for great team play.

Activity, to work together as a team you have to be part of the team. Real life is important and comes first but everyone should have the possibility to check on our website every 3 days to know what’s going on. If you are not going to log on for a while just let us know through our website.

Phoenix-Staffel Website
Visit our Teamspeak at
PM Elo106

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4 Octobre 2015 14:48

Moin, am Squad wär' ich interessiert. Entweder als Scout oder Support. Keine Artillerie(ungute Erfahrungen mit WoT smile)!

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