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10 Août 2015 08:00

J4nB1#5520 posted (#post-4218)

Why would you want it to turn? ^^

So it is easier to tell the bearing of some point of interest relative to yourself. Eg. on a rotating minimap "up" is always in front of you.

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10 Août 2015 12:58

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10 Août 2015 12:58

Drakane#2657 posted (#post-4105)

Hey everybody, this is the kind of feedback we LIVE for. Thank you! I will make sure this thread gets in front of the right folks. :)

That's nice to hear. I hope I can provide more useful feedback during the alpha. Thanks for forwarding this to the developers.

DEVASTRATOR#4326 posted (#post-4181)

this is very good idea but we can't make wikia without knowing much for the game.Or the devs can't make a wikia because they are changing the game many times.

Maybe we could do it like Riot Games does. Besides more or less verbose stats ingame they got a webpage ( with all the information for pro-players and 3rd party developers.
As far as I know these values are being automatically grabbed straight from the game files, hence they're always up2date even without some employee having to spend his time on updating it after every patch.

About the customizable interface suggestion:
Please don't. UI mods could be a thing but allowing users to move around UI components ingame adds too much potential bugs and maybe too much complexity to the game as well. A good UI should be fine for the vast majority of players.

by the way: is color-blind mode a thing already?

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10 Août 2015 15:19

@Tsche: Maybe they could implement a hook to the servers so we could make a tool to grab that information by our self? Dunno.

About the customizable UI: It shouldn't be free scalable and movable like in other games. Just like a drop down list for different items so you could change them. But not move them freely. Also, i don't think UI customization would produce a lot of bugs...

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10 Août 2015 15:39

J4nB1#5520 posted (#post-4233)

@Tsche: Maybe they could implement a hook to the servers so we could make a tool to grab that information by our self? Dunno.

About the customizable UI: It shouldn't be free scalable and movable like in other games. Just like a drop down list for different items so you could change them. But not move them freely. Also, i don't think UI customization would produce a lot of bugs...

what do you mean with hook? having a server-side-recording-thing would put much work on the servers.

Being able to freely modify/arrange the UI can be quite helpful and nice.
See for example the game Dirty:Bomb.
the normal UI looks like that
and you can modify it too loke like this (just jump into the middle when he's playing).
And there is a website where you can edit the HUD/UI, somehow the website transforms it into a code like Y=1080 X=1920, PosX=XYZ andsoonandsoforth.
That makes things quite messy and is not easy to bring into the game and sometimes buggy and stuff.
Dreadnought doesn't need that level of customizability, but it would be nice to re-arrange the Ability-bar, because it rather far up in the middle on the top-side^^

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10 Août 2015 16:15

Not sure what may have changed since the PAX East build, but one thing I definitely enjoyed was how clean and uncluttered the UI was - it definitely helped with game immersion and centering everything around being a badass ship captain.

That said, I think highlighting in the kill feed would be hugely helpful; I'm thinking similar to how you can change the hitmarker color on-kill in Battlefield 4. This way you can immediately swap targets and start up on the next threat. The map(s) we played were pretty small so I didn't have many navigation issues, but a small compass might be useful especially for larger maps.

Overall, I think a key focus is on clarity and making sure that the important stats are appropriately highlighted. Can't wait to play the game again and see how far it has come!

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10 Août 2015 16:18

J4nB1#5520 posted (#post-4169)

THD#8683 posted (#post-4167)

Tsche#7827 posted (#post-4071)

  • Add more verbose stats for vehicles, weaponry and skills
    Theory crafting is kinda difficult if everything you have is estimated values. Keeping a wiki updated might be a good idea as well.

This, very much. It is always much appreciated in gaming communities when detailed stats are available. It also makes is easier for players to give feedback on balancing, because they can pinpoint the problems quicker by checking the stats.

Yeah, i think so too. This would be great. I love the stats website for BF3 and BF4 where you have the stats of each weapon and each gear, each vehicle. You see exactely what you'll get when you choose that weapon or gear. Or spaceship. Makes it a lot easier.

Absolutely - I'm a stat junkie and definitely would want to see lots of that!

J4nB1#5520 posted (#post-4125)

Yeah, it should be at the bottom. You have to look at the top, but at the bottom you just kinda see it.

Also, the map grid shouldn't turn. It should be fixed. Or is it? Found a picture where it's slightly tilt...

My opinion is that these kinds of things are best left for the user to decide. I'd rather have the option to place ability icons top, bottom, maybe scale size a bit - but not necessarily forcing one over the other. I will agree though that on high-res monitors it can be a bit tough to tell on-the-fly (at least the first few times playing).

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2 Février 2016 13:24

Just use this thread: since my last play a year ago not much has changed, or improved for the entire interface.
Centralized HUD: Make it optional. Some people like it, others like myself hate it. See PlanetSide 2 for an example, it offers both modes.

But even when you do, alter the elements, their representation and visual appearance.

Currently the entire interface leaves a lot to wish for, except maybe for the minimap which kind of works as intended and gives quick information (also thanks for the default numpad bindings for zooming in and out!)

Semi transparent objects over the entire screen with way too much playful design (e.g. bars and lines that are there for no reason other then supporting a visual design choice but cluttering the screenspace) that distracts from essential information and, vice versa, covers actual game canvas.

Or, the other way around, you have to search for vital informations, because in the background, the game has some action going on behind the elements you want to decipher.

Any interface for any game should be formemost for information and if there is room for it, you can always give it some artistic elements. But those elements should never distract or hide valuable space of the actual game, although Dreadnought actually combines all these nogos into one big mess.

I know 3D interface is all the rage since a few years, but in my opinion it's often overdone and ruins otherwise great game worlds.

I'm probably rather alone with the view of it, but a 'bad' interface breaks an entire game. In this state, Dreadnaught is unplayable for me and I won't purchase it, even though I actually love the game itself and find it refreshing and entertaining in many ways. But when I can't see the game I am playing, because something that is meant for mere information is stealing the space from the games canvas, I rather chose to not play those games.

Less is more. In this case, a lot less would be a lot more smile

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6 Mai 2016 11:34

For the 'Progression' menu:
- What is the current plan to use the empty space above the rank icons?
- Would it be possible to make the rank icons bigger?
- As a suggestion, alternating the colors for Ranks 40-50 to make them more distinguished, maybe even brighter like gold, since the core deign is evidently different from the designs of Ranks 39 and below.

For the scoreboard post-match:
- The scoreboard numbers are too small, thus doesn't seem to scale well in 720p screens. Would it be possible to make the scoreboard numbers bigger and move the circular total points score on the right side of the screen, instead of the top in order to make room for this change?

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8 Mai 2016 00:54

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8 Mai 2016 00:56

reposition/resize the scoreboard font post-match larger

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20 Juillet 2016 22:32

Resurrecting this. Has there been any work on customizing the HUD? Even being able to change the colour would be nice, since I find I'm staring into the sun a lot on some of the maps and can't see anything except outlines. Moving the module abilities/cooldown to the bottom of the screen would IMHO work better as well.

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