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1 Septembre 2015 01:59

Hello everyone! Like a lot of other people I've seen around, I've fallen in love with this game from PAX, especially the House Oberon ship designs, because wow. Anyway, I dug up a screencap of my favourite ship, the Tactical Cruiser, and thought I'd try my hand at some fanart.

I've really gotta get used to machines, but it was a ton of fun to draw. ( You are totally welcome to ignore the numerous artistic liberties. )

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1 Septembre 2015 03:22

Not bad Omni, not bad. I "feel" that you should changes in the proportion of the ship (isn't the ship more slim, especially the body?).

Sorry that your first comment for your work is a critic ^___^'''''

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1 Septembre 2015 03:26

I thought the ship itself was more wide, not necessarily in one clump but doesn't it have "wings" that extend on both sides?

Great picture!

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1 Septembre 2015 05:18


welcome to the forums captain another support here

good work but it does have more beam turrets and it's more wide

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1 Septembre 2015 11:40

Needs more Fulgora. smile

Sherogorat and IrishrOy after a good nuke

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1 Septembre 2015 12:26

I would like to say "Needs moar Zmey!", but we already got some fanart for this ship and I don't want to put Omni in a hurry with various ship-requests smile

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1 Septembre 2015 14:53

Omniphobic#9061 posted (#post-6113)

Looks like a whale to me. .-.

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1 Septembre 2015 15:00

Space whale!

Very nice gradations. I thought I was looking at a screenshot for a moment.

We really need some turnarounds of the ships for more accurate art...

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1 Septembre 2015 17:08

Thanks for the responses and feedback, everyone! I know I definitely ballsed up the design, and I'll be absolutely pleased for a little more concept art and screenshots to work off of. (All two I was able to find only showed a sort of side angle, and by the time I realised it was wrong, it was late enough to just write it off as a ~learning experience.~)

I'm not sure if I'll be taking requests, but I'm definitely going to try my hand at more House Oberon ships! I mostly draw organic stuff, so it's a nice transition point.

space whale best ship

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3 Septembre 2015 12:36

This looks amazing!! Permission to share on social media?

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