Captain OmegaC Reporting

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9 Septembre 2015 22:34

Captain OmegaC Reporting in,
Hello and welcome fellow Captains. I am very much interested in this game as much as everyone else is. So much about this game keeps me back to look more and more for the info and videos. So i just wanted to introduce myself since i have been an lurker!!. So how many of you are US based gamers?

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10 Septembre 2015 07:24

hello and welcome to the forums

I am from europe smile most of us are germans i think

Dreadnought Wikia

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10 Septembre 2015 07:53

Yeah, welcome to the forum!

Sherogorat and IrishrOy after a good nuke

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11 Septembre 2015 07:28

Welcome Captain!!!

"The First Of His Name"

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11 Septembre 2015 08:46

Wohooo, welcome on board! All energy to the Hype-thrusters! smile
yeah, many germany are here
ha... ha... haha... hahaha hahahahahahah!

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20 Septembre 2015 08:09

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

Do not worry: there are also Amerincans users. And Aussie too!

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