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15 Septembre 2015 13:13

I'm BillytheKidd from the gaming community " The Art of Warfare" !(TAW)! I'm excited about this new game and am sure you are as well!!

TAW is a +2500 member gaming community and supports +30 games of all genres. When Dreadnought launches we will be looking for dedicated players 15+ to join our clan for some fun and excitement. Please feel free to check us out at

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15 Septembre 2015 14:48

Hey, Cap. Welcome to the Forum!

Sherogorat and IrishrOy after a good nuke

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15 Septembre 2015 14:51

Welcome on board! smile

Dreadnought - & - Tac. Cruiser

In this world there's two kinds of people, my friend.
Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig. -5:40(!spoiler)

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15 Septembre 2015 16:20

welcome to the forums captain

Dreadnought Wikia

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15 Septembre 2015 21:49

Welcome captain!

"The First Of His Name"

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20 Septembre 2015 08:15

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

Please, be sure to announce your group here smile

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