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20 Septembre 2015 07:14

Zenthetiger#1288 posted (#post-6813)

Sorry if I'm treading over the same topic that might have been discussed already. Apart from mouse and keyboard, will Dreadnought have HOTAS support for people like myself who prefer playing games with a game pad?

Hi! I think that it's very unlike that we will see Hotas support for this game since, as far as I know, at the moment there is not yet an confirmation that there will be a controllore/joypad (like 360/One pad) support.

But, anyway, fingers crossed =)

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20 Septembre 2015 10:14

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20 Septembre 2015 10:16

Imagine a HOTAS while flying the Zmey... smile

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20 Septembre 2015 10:27

At the Gamescom Meet n' Greet the devs said that they are trying to keep the controls as simple as possible and that they always have gamepad controls in the back of their had when they're designing something. That means that they aren't specifically designing the controls for gamepads, but they want the control layout to possibly be applicable to gamepads as well. There is no confirmation on gamepad support though, so i wouldn't expect it to be implemented soon!

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21 Septembre 2015 19:12

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21 Septembre 2015 19:13

Same here, i grown up with these things and cant handle a ps3/4 Controller smile
i'm a controller noob, its official and im proud of it smile

Odinous#5262 posted (#post-6861)

I just cant imagine the pain people are going through playing games with game pads and controllers..I love my mouse+keyboard,wouldn't change..

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21 Septembre 2015 19:26

Gotta have xbox 360 controller support. You'd want as many people as you can to pick up and play.

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22 Septembre 2015 12:10

deus_extrem#3292 posted (#post-6879)

Gotta have xbox 360 controller support. You'd want as many people as you can to pick up and play.

Lel, would be like 3 player

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18 Mai 2017 19:04

I still can´t assign AltGr, Shift or Ctrl to any action. Is there a way to do it via the input.ini file? How do I denominate said keys there?

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