Hmm, missing that button here :/

Edit: Nah, it appeard after the fourth reload.

Oh ha, einiges los hier smile

Mahlzeit zusammen!

Greetings, nuqneH and tec'ma'te to all you commanders, captains and admirals.

I'm commander Flex, 26 years old and proven in several space areas.

My newest space experience is Elite: Dangerous, quiet nice but i can't

wait since the first anouncments of Dreadnought.

As some of you'll have allready noticed, i'm a Sci-Fi fanboy,

also that introduction of mine isn't my first experience in this community.

I'm playing all sorts of games, so feel free to contact me or start chatting.

So far, see you in the formation.

Commander Flex, channel closed.

AMilkshake#7931 posted (#post-9430)

Can't wait for Beta soon this December? smile

Take your time lol I want it to be awesome when it does drop.

Nope, early 2016 closed beta.

Hmm, hard question, would agree on Adama and Picard. Sisko was a bit too emotional.

Janeway was also god damm right but sometimes, i don't know.

Kirk is a hero of my childhood but for this vote he was too impulsive (everything's just my opinion).

Spock were the captain of the Enterprise too if i remember right. Would vote for him.

Also general Martok was a great commander. And here is my personal add to the round, colonel Steven Caldwell (commander of the daedalus) and colonel Mike Pendergast (commander of the prometheus) from Stargate. Booth were awesome. So far from my side smile

Early 2016 loading. Please wait...

I'm back at Next Generation, waiting for the Borg to show up.

To roll back a bit...

Garak was great indeed. But i liked Dukat in a strange way a bit more.

A wonderfull sharped charackter in my opinion.

btw. who have watched Star Trek Renegades?

any thoughts on that one?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Dreadnought where are you?

I'm waiting for you!

I missed a series in the TMP style...

I loved the motion picture movies, the stories, the ship designs and the sounds.

From story telling i prefered TNG, DS9 was nicely packed with action and Voyager

had Janeway, one of the best captains imo.

As child i watched TOS so that is something total different for me, can't explain.

I was sceptical about Archer and the NX-01 but it became so exciting for me.

A month ago i finished my Trek marathon. Everything in the right order

going after the stardates in TNG, DS9 and VOY.

So far from my side, Qapla!