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This solution didn't fix the issue for me

WraithLord77#6187 posted (#post-87774)

Full agree with the OP, the new prog system is a joke im sorry to say , another WOT clone smile no thanx. Almost everything that got me interested in the game was basicly dumped and now i find i have no intrest in playing .

revert to pre prog 2.0 ,loose the WOT teir system and go from there ,IMO its the only way to go .

Thanks for the support!

Zuroke#5503 posted (#post-104067)

I just don't see the issue here I guess.

The devs have already stated that the maintenance system is not as they intended it to be, that they are working on reworking it already. I know you're impatient but small things like this turn into a lot of working from a developer point of view, you need to be patient they said they will get to it, give them time to fix it.

As far as more options at T1, absolutely not. Having too many options and too many variables at lvl 1 takes away from what the point of T1 should be, LEARNING. A new player shouldnt be bombarded with options and try to figure out what everything does all at once. It takes very little time to go from T1 to T2 that gives them time to learn the basics, at T2 you have every class of ship (not for each faction but combined you do) which then gives them a chance to learn the different classes. T3-T4 ships begin to specialize more and more custom builds develop, which is perfect. By this point in the game players have an idea of how a class should generally be played and this next bump in depth gives them time to explore how they want their ship to feel.

As far as progression goes, it is super quick in my opinion. The maintenance makes it feel slow, but as the devs have pointed out time and time again they are working on it. The progression for just farming the xp itself goes by crazy fast. Especially when you compare it to similar games such as star conflict. Why play a game that you can have all best in slot gear in less than a week? That is the kind of game I'd get bored of within a month. Taking credits out of the equation yield a fairly mild progression, not snail paced but definitely not too short.

We are all entitled to our own opinions but I personally disagree with you on everything but the maintenance, but as stated already, they are working on that issue already. In fact they even listed some of their priorities in a recent post and that was on top of the list. So be patient, give them time to change it.

I'm curious, did you play before maintenance was introduced?

Spork#2479 posted (#post-82448)

Devs, walk away from this now and you lose Dreadnought forever.


Yeah let's see if they listen to the feedback and act on it. I really don't want to see the game die.

Jamodon#5053 posted (#post-81554)

Aw man, I remember the glory days in the Alpha when there would be 40+ people on discord. I miss playing with damnusername and his OP dreadnought nuke + warps. I've mostly stopped playing the game as it stands currently. Thanks for putting this together Corran, i hope the devs listen.

I miss you too! You were one of the first Captains I played with regularly. Let's hope some change happens so we can get back at it.

YourEvilOverlord#1773 posted (#post-80131)

I also support this suggested changes

Whoops, sorry signatories. I forgot to thank you for your signature to try to keep hope for change alive.

It's curious to me that we have so many views/posts/signature (especially from the oldest players) and yet we haven't heard any response. I'm still trying to figure out why that is.

AitConvarion#6546 posted (#post-80083)

+1 would sign again.

Thanks bro, the Rebels still > Imps

Jamodon#5053 posted (#post-80077)

Signed. I honestly wish the devs would revert back to the last alpha build - it was a better game.

Man I miss you around these parts bro! Let's hope things change soon so we can get the old Alpha players back.

Sanguinius113#9195 posted (#post-79976)

Consider this signed by me as well, but spoiler alert, they aren't going to listen to you. Ben watching this game for like half a year now, decided to jump in few weeks ago since this big update was supposed to have dropped. I should have looked at these forums before i bought, i would have avoided it like the plague. The game play is wonderful, everything else they added around it is horrible and disheartening.

Furthermore, is it even possible to get a refund on the founders pack? i cant find the option for it anywhere, I' getting a serious "hahahaha grey box has your money, and there nothing you can do about it" kind of feeling about this game. Slimey. Normally I'm the whale who will make it rain getting pretty skins and stuff, But in this case they have cheated me, what iv been watching for the last 6 months eagerly on streams and youtube, is not at all what they sold me. bait and switch.

What a dreadnought of a disappointment this has been.

I appreciate your support, let's see where things go.

Oblivion, your spirit is in a good place but your simply not going to get what you want in your petition. It's just plain not going to happen, you need to get realistic.