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Signed [OP]

Also havent played in 3 weeks - waiting for positive change.

I'm glad to have you with us!

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I agree with all of these points. The game is taking a very greedy path. We all hoped that it didn't come to this. I was on GamesCom in 2015 and played Dreadnaught there the first time. It was so fun that my friends and me queued a couple of times, just to play it. From that day, I looked forward to play it more. Now I own it and the game disgusts me. I left it for the same reasons I left WoT (yes, that comparison again, sorry). I will not return until some major changes have been done to the maintenance system. I support the idea of killing it entirely and just put it in place for leaving during a match as punishment.

Please... do not be this greedy, Devs... we know, you have to eat and pay your hardware and other bills and so on, but don't be like this! If there isn't any other option, just make the game buy to play for 40 bucks. I'm sure a lot of people would get it. You can release expansions later.

Just please, I'm literally begging you, save this game, stop the greed. I want to play this game that I fell in love with 1 1/2 years ago.

Agreed, hopefully we can effect the kind of change we need to make DN great again!

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I agree in particular with OP's #2 and #3 points. Losing access to the ships we wanted to play was ridiculous. I'm fine with a progression tree for weapons and modules within a ship - but where the heck is the logic in "oh, if you research a Drain Torpedo and Protean Autoguns, now you suddenly know how to buy a Palos!"??? (which uses neither of those, and is also almost a crippled useless ship, but that's a different rant)

I've uninstalled this game twice now, and the only reason I'm still playing this game at all is because I sank the money into a founder's pack and I keep checking to see if they've listened to user feedback and improved it any.

The grind just to get the ships we want to play is excessive. Have a grind within a ship to get the "cool" weapons, sure. But arbitrarily limiting the ship selection (as bait/incentive to do it?) is harsh. The Recruit games are so weird and boring since there's only a few ship types available (or allowed!) in it. Then the step to Veteran is too steep and you spend all your time getting destroyed because you can't afford anything once you've gotten there. I've been playing mostly Recruit games just to earn the money to buy things at the Veteran level because I just get creamed in the Veteran level with my skeletal tier III ship. Kinda messed up.

So, yeah, signing this petition - we need a revamp. I like a build tree, but the weapons and modules should be in a tree, ships shouldn't be. Let us buy what we want and upgrade it as we can afford to. Don't make us buy ships or modules we don't want to pay for or play. Good players will already make a small diverse fleet to adjust to game conditions, but let them pick the ships they prefer for that.

Thanks man, I miss you around these parts smile

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The last dev announcement was the last drop for me. I quit. I have uninstalled and not once regretted it. If the current state will change to something that's fun playing again, I might consider coming back, however, that would need a serious make-over of the current system so...


Thanks one who chooses to be everyone!


On behalf of Chipinators, The Moderators, and The Developers (I think I can speak for them lol smile /inb4CHdisappearsmysteriously), I wanted to thank everyone for all your participation in today's roundtable.

Here is a link to a recording with fantabulous effects care of Spider

Also we would love to hear your thoughts about today's roundtable! Please follow the link below to give your feedback, please no questions for future events though. Just feedback about today's.

Have a great weekend!

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Hey googles! I haven't seen you in awhile! Hope things are well, and thanks for signing!

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You have my support on this Corran Horn, If this is implemented, I'll play again, but as you said, No one wants to play a game that forces you to be a healer, just to unlock the DPS class.



Thanks, let's see what we can do to get our message out there!

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Don't know you as well as I would like to but I do appreciate your support! I hope to see you on Discord.

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Thanks borgie, hopefully we will be able to assimilate some change into the DN collective.

While I respect others drive to encourage change to the game this petition is the best attempt that 23 of the oldest and most knowledgeable Dreadnought players decided upon. All of the items on the petition were decided upon with realism based upon previous feedback the developers gave to our suggestions. Maintenance is probably not going to go away as much as we would like it too, thus the proposal to enforce it upon those who quit a match only.

It takes more cojones to put your name on a petition than an anonymous poll.

BTW, my petition is trending to easily get more than 50 signatures and has gotten the most reaction from the community than most every other feedback thread. I'd encourage you to look at previous suggestions from the community and the change actually implemented by the devs before placing a low value on what the signatories and I hope to accomplish.