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So your okay with the power differences between the tiers?

Yeah it makes sense as long as the way to get through the tiers isn't cumbersome like it is now.

How does the power difference between ships make sense to you?

I'm okay with it because if they are going to stick with higher scoring for higher tiers then it works out. Especially if those who have ground through progression have put in the time that they do to get the more powerful stuff.

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More ships in T1/T2 -> Yes! If we can have a full recruit fleet of mixed tiers in a single manufacturer, I think it will help show players about the breadth of loadouts that exists in the game.

Maint costs are already being lowered, but I think we should turn to look at how in match performance has a massive effect on your income. This income disparity should be significantly smaller IMO:

-Most older players here do not think much of it (besides thedeath because he exploits it marvelously) but it is an important topic to me. I believe that the duration of a match should have equal or greater importance than whatever is currently being measured in terms of performance inside of a match.

-Similarly, missions feel somewhat dated. Their rewards were great when we earned +100/200 a match, but it's a pittance nowadays.

If you think my views are close enough to your own, then you can count me in. Just know that I won't have a heavy heart smile

I appreciate your support Kibbit! Thanks for helping me make Dreadnought great again!

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So your okay with the power differences between the tiers?

Yeah it makes sense as long as the way to get through the tiers isn't cumbersome like it is now.

Dreadnought Community,

It is with heavy heart I seek signatures for this petition to change the game that we all are so interested in and desire to see released successfully. So here are our points of contention with reasoning and suggestions for change. We are all in agreement that with these changes the old players are highly likely to come back and give the game a second chance and new players will be very unlikely to bail quickly.

  1. Maintenance needs to be revamped completely, we suggest that the maintenance fee for quitting a match be increased to the current legendary fleet cost and all other maintenance fee's removed.

    1a. Many people in the game are commonly the best player on their team, especially when solo queing. However with the increase in slots it is even more difficult for a good player to carry a team. We feel the current system places way too much confidence in teams ability to coordinate well with each other. It's also not fair to make everyone who is putting in the time to play and give feedback have to endure an excessive grind because of maintenance. Side note; it would be nice to have the functionality of being able to rejoin a match after crashing. We are eager to see this brought back soon.

  2. Lack of true freedom in progression needs to become more free, we want a broader selection of classes at the Tier 1 level so we can run the ships we want to run.

    2a. An example: I love my rams, yet to get to the best ships for ramming I have to go through ships that I don't care for in the Oberon tree. Especially the Aions. Players should be able to go back and level up those ships and abilities at their own pace.

  3. With maintenance in play the grind is unbearable to get the ships people want, cost should be reduced so that each next Tier costs no more than 300% (for example, overall community feedback provided here should determine the exact numbers) more of the cost of the previous one. Using the current Tier 1 costs as the baseline. So if a Tier 1 costs 164 the Tier 2 should not cost more than 492

    3a. We do not enjoy having to play an insane amount of matches WITH Elite to get to what we want. Especially with how much harder it can be to score high in a match with so many more enemy players to deal with.

These are our arguments for the changes we want, I speak for the signatories when I say they are the barebones items that are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to continued interest in the game. Consider our list, for the future of the game is in the balance. Most of Dreadnought's most fervent and active players have already called it quits, and the health of a game can always be determined by how many original supporters and followers you are able to retain by the 1 year release anniversary. I fear more will continue to leave the game if change isn't announced very very soon. Your move.

Total Signatories: 73(#170)

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I could care less what your opinion is of what I posted and don't tell me to be carefull sonny I'm a 55 year old man and I don't mix words if your in here acting like a spoiled brat then I'm going to call you on it simple as that.

Ha, 55 years and still don't have the maturity to understand how an individual's quantity of investment in something correlates between individuals with unequal investment.

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I don't know how the game was because I just started playing it last weekend but I did enjoy it and what they are proposing is fixes to what everyone has been posting about. I do read the forums even older posts and everything there planning to fix is what has been posted by the majority of people on these forums now it may not be your own personal wish but there trying . To be honest with all of the negative posters here I would say it's not a wonder the devs on this game does not want to communicate with you when all you do is post negative posts about every thing they do I wouldend want to correspond with you either. Well enough of that I thought it was a good read and a step in the right direction at addressing proublems in there game.

Just some friendly advice.

I'd be careful when criticizing those of us who have been playing since the very first Alpha test session as we have put exponentially more effort into helping the devs make the game great for all than those who didn't even play until CBT.

It's always easier to look at a game for what it has become as you are just starting to play for the first time, than it is to look at it from a historical perspective.

Quite possibly, some people will quit regardless because they don't have the discipline to see a match through even if it doesn't end favorably for them.

And yes a more positive progression system would do wonders for keeping people interested to finish matches.

I'm bumping this since I'm furious about maintenance.

Thanks for the input, personally though I think maintenance for match quitters should stay in place because of how much one team being down 1 or more people for any length of time is.

So after much consideration and thought as to the things that frustrate me the most about the shipyard update I have decided that I would be more than satisfied if the simple following steps were implemented.

  1. Remove maintenance just for losing a match. Reason: You can be the best player in the game and still not score in the top 3 because of how points are awarded in game for an individuals impact on the outcome. I have been in more matches than I can count where I am the sole reason my team didn't lose a lot faster because of how I played and yet I still have to pay for maintenance.

  2. Fix the bug that makes you pay maintenance after a crash. Reason: Obvious, shouldn't be too hard and is simple enough.

  3. Provide 1 ship in each class at Tier 1 for each manufacturer. Reason: Many people don't want to have to go through several aion's and corvettes just to get to the ship they want. This reason applies to multiple kinds of preferences on what ships people want, not just my example in particular.

  4. Each next Tier costs no more than 50% more than the previous Tier. Using the Tier 1 ship's current cost as a baseline. Reason: Nobody wants to have to grind through a week of playing 10 matches a day to afford the insane cost of the Tier 3-5 ships. And that is a very conservative estimate, using Elite status as a boost. Much of the player base would take longer because they don't know the tricks to help boost their points.

I would be surprised if many people didn't agree with me on this, but hey I could be wrong.

Greybox, Yager, and 6ft have been pretty good at listening to reason when they implement something that nobody likes. Please don't stop listening now because you feel under the gun to get the game released. The community will always prefer a game made right before release than one made in haste.