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Thanks for the support!

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If they want to carry on with "ship" progression they will need to add a whole lot more ships that are not just reskins, anyways I cant see DR going the path of "War thunder" or "World of tanks" game types

If developer so desires to add progression to the game then I would rather see module,weapon and/or even cosmetic game progression (like in Overwatch) than 5 or more reskins of the same ship with better health and damage


Do we have a lex luthor in the house? lol I kid. Thanks for reading and signing!

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Hey ox, we've never met but I appreciate your support. Let's see what reaction we can get.

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If leaving a reply equals a 'sign', consider it -SIGNED- by me. I find it extremely discouraging to know how long it takes to buy a new ship even WITHOUT the maintenance. I said nothing of it because I wanted to see how it worked in-game, now I see it works terrible. Hope to see it removed soon smile

The Dragon's breath has spoken! Thanks for your support!

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Ooo gin, a classic English product. Thanks for your support!

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Nice name, was it inspired from SG1 at all? Thanks for signing, let's hope we can get some changes enacted soon.

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I was so happy I got the beta invite a week ago. However, the game wasn't at all as I imagined and from what I have seen on YouTube. The game is too grindy, too forceful and atm, WAY TOO BUGGY (although this is beta so, that is ok). I mean....I really want to enjoy this game but I can't now, which is a real shame. Please, Devs. Accept the mistake and make a game fun. If a game is fun, people will spend money on it.

Consider this reply as my signature for the petition.

Thanks for your support, let's see if we can get some improvements soon!

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Devs doubling down and expanding fleet maintenance costs in update 1.4 despite unanimous opposition...signed.

It is unfortunate, let's hope their are some changes coming down the pipeline. Thanks for your support!

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First off let me just add my signature with the rest. This is also my goodbye post. I’m going to try and keep it brief while explaining to Yager/6FT why I’m finally leaving after of a year of support. Don’t worry I don’t want a refund or anything. I got my value out of the alphas alone. Around 500 hours.

I really thought the core of this game was incredible. The battles between (mostly) balanced ships and teamwork. Crazy fun. I don’t normally get addicted to a game like this. It’s been ages. Slowly as time has worn on and more and more updates rolled out. I’ve lost that feeling.

The core of that gameplay has been muddied to the point I no longer enjoy it. My competitive aspect has all but been completely removed. You’ve even stated yourself you wanted people to move away from maining a ship to managing a fleet. You’ve knocked squads down to 3. I’m aware you’ve stated that’s a temporary solution and you hope to address squad sizes later…

That was the key for me though. Organized squads of talented captains who had specific strengths like maining a tact, arty or corvette. Against another equally skilled team. Now so much is obstructing it. I do not enjoy the tier system at all. I hate the fact ships are no longer on even footing in almost all the matches. When it was just a perfect storm of T2s.,T3s etc… you could almost recognize the awesome game DN was.

Balance was always my primary concern. Back when NSA was ramming like it was going out of style I was one of the voices calling for balance. To be clear I was a part of NSA/Desu etc. I honestly don’t know why it seems your QA team has such a vastly different experience than the public. So the disenfranchisement has been kind of stacking up post alpha. I’m basically one of the few old guard when it comes to squads of yore. All the rest of my team has slowly melted away over the past months.

TLDR. I signed because I feel the updates have sucked the fun out of DN. I dislike cross tier matches, dislike maintenance, dislike lack of competitive hopper/squad reduction, dislike being unable to focus on a single class and dislike how the trees are laid out. Far to many random variables you can not plan for plague the game now. Taking out the tactical aspect IMO.

PS. I don’t hate anyone. I know Yager is trying. Of course they are. This game has just evolved into something I no longer wish to play. Please know the $40 I put in founders was for the alpha. I’ll keep an eye out for any major news or overhauls in the future. Maybe a year from now DN will be a completely different game again and I’ll come back and check it out.

To the guys still hanging on and the folks still around from alpha… it’s been a blast for the most part. Good luck and I hope it pays off. Sorry for the novel.

Good to have you on board my friend!

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cant say I'm impressed with the state of the current patch release (technically speaking - not content) - from my perspective it appears QA had a different test build to what was released, I'm pretty sure they would not have allowed most of the patch issues through - particularly simple graphical/gui issues.

i would almost go as far as to ask was it even tested prior to release ?

come on guys - pull your socks up, this is pretty unprofessional.

Thanks again for your support, I'm glad that you are still with us Captains.