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damnusername#0524 posted (#post-78094)

honestly, I'm really really sad about the way this game has gone. To me it's gone from being a unique game that not only could, but would have carved out it's own market share to a game that I in conscience cannot recommend to my friends to put their time into.

I really hope that the devs look at this feedback and learn from it, because as it stands right now it looks like the devs are trying to make the game worse.

Add me to the list please.

Hey man, long time no see. Thanks for signing.

BrazenBull#9058 posted (#post-77968)

Completely agree with petition and totally signing it.

(Of my free will and clear mind)

I completely agree too! lol on the free will and mind part

Rafzakael#8769 posted (#post-77614)

Signed, though tbh I already stopped playing.

Thanks, I appreciate it muchly.

Skiblit#4916 posted (#post-77577)

I'll sign if this is still running.

Thanks for the support, this is most certainly still running.

Cpt_Harlock#2093 posted (#post-77498)

I agree with everything on this list

Harlock, now that is a name that I'm proud to have on this petition! Thanks man, hope you had a great weekend!

Duffman135#5092 posted (#post-77388)


Thanks, hopefully we can encourage a change of heart at the top.

Odin#5262 posted (#post-77136)

Sign me in for 2(definitely) and 3.

(Also if i could add,having visual customization open,from lower tiers)

Odin! Bro I haven't seen you game in a little while, hope everything is going good in your life. I know that I keep posting thanks for signing this petition but I truly do appreciate every single last signature.

Flipflops#8494 posted (#post-77135)

Signed - Flopflops

Hey man! Long time no see! I miss those Alpha days seeing you destroy ships with your arty.

krioskiryu#4686 posted (#post-77013)


Thanks man, hope to see you in game soon.

Bastard2k#9344 posted (#post-76939)


IMHO its not the only problems within Dreadnought. Developers, please listen to the community! I've joined beta after 2.0 and I can see that the game have got a lot internal technical issues, like packages loss(0 cred\GB points), crushes on some visuals, Alt+Tab crushes in fullscreen, problems with the sound realisation (engine sounds lag sometimes, with fps loss), corrupted tech tree (look for Koschei), non appliable briefings from different tech tree( as devs says, they should be enable to set em on any ship, but it can be installed only in the ships of same manufacturer) and so on. This list could be prolonged, but ALL of this was already mentioned by community, on THIS forum.

I hope, that the incoming update will fix, at least, some of this problems... Oh, almost forgot that the damage model on T5 and T4 Harwich makes everything lags.

I appreciate the support.