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AnubisEvo#6642 posted (#post-75789)

Signed - for all accounts listed in the original post.

There is a lot of valuable feedback that I've seen listed through these forums, albeit some is buried underneath not so helpful posts. But these are very basic and clearly defined issues that people have with the game and also have clearly defined solutions. I'd love to see this petition come to fruition for the better of the game and community of players both new and old.

Thanks Anubis, looking forward to also continuing the night veteran que's with you soon!

Armande_Christoph#8437 posted (#post-75783)

Signed.. Armande.

Awesome to have support from the homefront! Thanks man!

Illuminatus#6421 posted (#post-75782)

Ok, excessive approval and I sign. Is that better Corran?

As always I appreciate your friendship. Thanks for signing!

Honor Harrington#0691 posted (#post-75764)


Thanks man, hope things are well in your life.

Gishi#4957 posted (#post-75762)

i agree with this change because all my friends and i stopped playing after the update due to the freedoms we lost with ships.

signed Gishi

Thanks bro! Hope to see you in game soon.

FunkyColdMedina#4261 posted (#post-75741)


Thank you for your support! Now please stay away from me with your pesky Arty.

Baiteman#9250 posted (#post-74926)

As a rather long member of the community which had a vested interest in the prospering of this game I support the changes put forth by Corran.

Change is necessary and desired. On a personal note I'd like to emphasize one of the aforementioned points explicitly, namely the one on ship diversity in the beginning. If the experience is truly about building a fleet rather than multiple variants of one ship, give us the variety we need for this.

Baiteman, you continue to be my best friend in DN. Your support is appreciated as always.

Szeron#6174 posted (#post-75507)

I agreed on all three points; you have my support!

Thanks my friend! Hope to see you in game soon, especially if things pick up because of these improvements!

GroundedBarnstormer#1995 posted (#post-75486)

Signed [OP]

Thanks my friend, always a pleasure working with you to make this game better.

Lincrono#9039 posted (#post-75608)

I would prefer a clear and unarguable refutation on power tiers. I hate them and they are terrible for a balanced game, especially one that mixes those tiers. However, in light of the massively reduced costs you seem to support I'll throw my name behind this petition.

Thank you for your support! Hopefully this petition will at least start getting things headed back in the right direction so we can discuss more about a mutually beneficial system.