Corran Horn



This is a great idea, everyone please consider contributing to the effort!

Depending on Dev feedback as to the reason why this is...

I am okay with the briefings being unavailable as well as the secondary weapons as long as it will be made available in a patch in the immediate future.

So all this work was put into progression but now I can't tab out of the game without my game crashing, and my in game audio doesn't work while tabbed out.

Yeah we need to be able to choose from each class of ship at the beginning of the tree/progression, not be forced into one class per manufacturer.

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sounds CPU intensive.

me like

Actually if they can have thousands of pieces of paper litter scattering all around the map in COD without any more intensive CPU load then this shouldn't be too hard since there will be less objects.

Personally I think that a successful ram should award the attacker 200 fleet points from the victim lol. smile

Ich liebe Timmy!

So skrillar and I were talking tonight and we came up with two new map ideas.

  1. Having a version of each map where every ship that is destroyed becomes a floating pile of space junk if it is a space map. You can have fun trying to maneuver around the floating junk piles of death, metal, and plastic!

  2. We should have a map like Saturn named Graveyard that replaces buildings and asteroids with spaceship corpses and have some floating around randomly, and some stationary. Like a massive Death Star that was split in two! or.... something.... like..... that.......


Hmmm interesting discussion. I for one am all for more players with bigger maps, after all this is a space game and the most epic Star Wars battles involved entire massive fleets of 30+ ships.

Just read the X-Wing Series, you will get the point.

We are actually in the process of choosing a name for ourselves as I write, once that happens we may be able to get a website up soon after where a mailing list could be implemented.