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Everything we do will be on our youtube channel.

InfiniteLegends#9885 posted (#post-38030)

i do have all PC requirements, but i may or may not have time

Send me a message so we can do the interview process, it's fine if you can't help for every single event.

SlinkyBlack#8256 posted (#post-37987)

Is there a general time frame in which these meetings and events would take place?

Yes our prep time is usually on Fridays and events are on Sundays. Time usually changes to accomadate schedules and events generally start between 1500-1900UTC on Sundays.

Hello Captains!

The events team is looking for volunteers that act as in game cameras for tournaments and any other events that we put on. So if you are interested in joining the first ever tournament and events team for Dreadnought and the bragging rights for the same, please message Corran Horn:

Please note that due to operational reasons you should meet the following criteria:

- Have Discord installed with a registered profile

- Commit to being reliable (showing up to meetings and events that you commit to)

- Have at least 2.7 GHz CPU processing power, 8GB of system RAM, and a graphics card with similar specifications to an NVidia 560TI or better.

- Have at least 5Mbit/s upload speed on your internet service (this will be checked during your recruitment process)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Baiteman & Corran Horn

Tournaments and Events Team

I agree, this better change NOW or the game will die a quick death before it is even released.

I have a few people that are waiting on my opinion before they join with me in possibly quitting another game and switching to this one. Without change on this front I won't be advising them that this is the best replacement game for us.

It probably won't be posted till closer to 1700.

I sure hope that the timeline doesn't get extended any further. Support won't stick around forever.