Of course I just see this now, dag nabit

Can't log in?

Mech Warrior Online has some pretty similar "slower" paced gameplay if you're looking for reccomendations

Would anyone like to tell me how I am supposed to ever level up my legendary ships when it takes ~6min+ to get into a match?

6 min wait + 15 min match (with 4 bots) + 2 min startup and end.

Thats 23 minutes per match, if I play one ship the whole match MAYBE I get 5k xp.

One module can cost upwards of 60,000xp. Thats 24 matches at 23 minutes each, 552 minutes, or 9 hours 12 minutes. You want me to play for nine hours plus to unlock one module for one ship?

Is this game totally dead? So sad to see the devs completely abandon the community so they can make some battle royale two years to late.

No x-mas double xp or giveaways?

There is almost no one playing the game.

Solution? Increase rewards based on wait time. And run some event for christs sake.


The game is on life support. Somehow launching it into the mainstream would require a pretty big overhual and significant marketing. If I was the devs, I would be focusing on keeping existing players interested.

What does that mean? We need a big balance overhaul that significantly changes the meta. If that happenened, you know I would be playing every night.

This is nice but I personally was really looking for some balance changes to shake up the meta >.>

It makes me mad because at its core this game is so AWESOME!

To see it essentialy ignored by the devs for so long is infuriating.

A broad sweep of balance changes would really help warp the game in the right direction, we need a huge shake up in the meta. Something big.

In the current state, the game is very stale. Maybe by the "metrics" its balanced, but players need a change!

Scramble effect is still aburdly powerful

Assistive modules give barely any score (energy missile, rupture beam, etc)

Clan groups still roam quick match annhilating the other team

Half the moduels in the game are useless or bugged

Last big change was nerfing adrenaline shot which took far to long

Little variation between ship manufacturers

Hero ships and cosmetic items priced for whales

Tier change (now T4 ships only in legendary vs T5 ships) makes leveling ships a painful slog

Is anyone really suprised that this game is dying? It annoys me becuase I know everyone here can see the games potential, but the execution has just been so poor.

If you can't do it justice, fine. But atleast sell the IP to another studio, I know that someone else could really take this to the proper level.

Also Yager's new game The Cycle is far to late and is going to miss the battle royale bandwagon.

Can anyone eccho me on this?

They had their chance to make this game great some time ago, even before the steam launch. That time has passed, games come and go.

I could go on and on about the reasons why, but i've already done that on numerous forums over the last 2 years or so, and barely anything has been changed in that time, so.

Sad to see that this game never really hit its stride, but I'm looking forward to other similar titles.

I thought to myself a few minutes ago "ya know Virtual, I know the last time you tried to play last week the servers were having issues and you lost your legendary battle bonus because of it, and the week before that you only got to play one match because the que times were 15min+, but this can't happen all the time, you should really give it a go tonight!"

What a joke.