as an alpha player i am so sick of these threads. actually had a good experience yesterday in my games. teams were balanced as far as ranks/levels are concerned.

yes you will sometimes get queued up against higher ranked players. it's early access of closed beta.....

and don't talk about the balancing of ships if you have little to no playtime on all the ships in the game.

it's a beta. the playerbase is just starting to get big enough for matchmaking algorythms to grip.

go to the community discord, team up with people. learn from others. keep playing and don't get discouraged.

you are not here to test a finalized product.

you are here to betatest, find bugs, report found bugs and give CONTRUCTIVE feedback.

calm your horses.

plz read this comprehensive Q&A thread with a lot of the most commonly asked questions among the forums and their answers:

there are no official information concerning any kind of NDA.

once the beta starts/the invites go out we'll know ;D

i personally don't want anything in return for betatesting. most people just want into beta to play before release anyways. for me it's actually a privilege being able to really test games before release instead of just being able to play earlier than everyone else.

i don't get why people always want something just because they participated in a beta...

well you want to give them feedback on the ship designs, but you'll just have to wait for beta then. cause that's what a beta is for. they won't start putting out different things one by one just so we can give feedback. they'll roll it out as a whole. and just as a time-filler till beta, it's simply not worth it.

well i'd actually like a textbox when you report a post so you can type out why you did. the options you can select when reporting are not enough i think

pretty sure it's a little more complicated than that. also, i doubt it would go down smoothly as they might have to convert the models/textures to a different datatype. it's simply a thing for the future when they have more time on their hands.

while that's a great idea, i don't think that they have time to "waste" on that right now. they should just focus on getting stuff in the game ready.

while i agree that having detailed stats on abilities and weapons is immensly important, it can be overlooked prebeta and even during, simply cause it most likely will change a lot and multiple times. putting up stats of abilities and weapons right now, would only confuse us later on when they got changed. once they got balance and everything in a stable manner where they only tweak once every couple months, then sure, i'm all for it, but right now it's just not the time for it.

i actually disagree with you on the soundfx.

while it might be more correct to not hear any sound or delay the sound on atmosphere maps, the sound in games like dreadnought serves the purpose of giving information as well. while the bigger part is feeling badass and having awesome blastsounds from your guns, you can also use some of the sounds to maybe detect the position of someone, notice an ability going of etc.

i like to have big bassy sounds for my guns and abilities, makes the feeling more gritty.

EDIT: the sounfx thing is probably just a preference thing

here's a link to a rather small discussion we had going about the music in the game: