we allready had a discussion about minimaps here, if you care to join ;D

well a good solution for some stuff might be a customizable HUD where we can choose colour/size/location of certain elements in the HUD. you could choose what colour the healthbars on enemies/friendlies have, you could make the healtbar bigger or smaller, maybe put it somewhere else or select a different shape for the layout. i'm pretty sure they will keep it as simple as possible for now and later on in the development process have a look at new stuff for HUDs....

as far as i know we will gain ranks of some sort for our captains as well as leveling up our crew for better stats. during the match there will be "ribbons" for meeting certain requirements (for example a double kill etc.).

they did say that there will be ranked matchmaking so we will naturally have to have some sort of ELO rating to determine matchmaking teams.

other that that i think there will also be crafting of some sort? (not sure on this one, i think there were some hints in the first devstream?)

and of course eventually we will see the singleplayer campaign as well

i'm not trying to be a **** here, but discussing non-greybox games is a violation of the forum rules...


-Make your posts in the appropriate forum.

-Don’t start discussions about non-Grey Box games.

-Do not cross-link to other message boards or websites unless approved by a moderator.

while it's fine to mention games to make a point, i think you should not start a discussion revolving solely around a non-greybox game

also on topic:

it's not very unlikely that two very similar games are announced/released, that's just how the scene works. right now spacesims and spacefighter-games are on the rise again, so naturally there will be a lot of games coming out now, because everyone wants to hop on the hypetrains and make some dough. just look at all the minecraft-like games or moba titles coming out...

while both dreadnought and fractured space have some similarities, they are very different in certain core aspects. they have different game modes/objectives and the gameplay should be very different as well concerning speed of matches and the general feel of weight and how the weapons feel.

also i think fractured space does not have a singleplayer campagin (correct me if i'm wrong, been quite a while since i read up on that game).

unless two games are direct competitors i don't think you should compare them, yes the games are similar but we have not even been able to play dreadnought yet (that is for the majority of us, some lucky people got to play it on gaming conventions). the games are not in direct competition to one another as dreadnought won't even be on steam (for the longest time at least).

all in all i think this thread might get closed soon anyways, sorry buddy

gentlemen, it seems the devs underestimate the power of addicts to the game that have not even played it yet, we shall unravel every change we can find! :D

in all seriousness awesome finds, but i currently can't chip in here, got a lot of dota2 to watch these days ;D

on a different note:

is it really so great to have press/streamers playing a slightly different version of the game? it could alter their opinion or pre-release "reviews" etc.

(i have no idea on how much the versions differ from one another)

while it's great that we can finally officially sign up, it saddens me that we have to wait till early 2016 :(

argh i wanna play :D

there will be a module for heavy dreadnoughts i believe that lets you launch small fighters as an ability

actually when i watched a couple of streams from the last pax i think? there were a lot of people going underneath some obstacles on a certain map to suprise people from below

only time will tell how they behave during beta tests and after release. i've been burnt by firefall over multiple years over and over again, so i can totally understand where you are coming from. pretty valid points, the only problem is, that sometimes they are not allowed to be transparent about certain topics. just like they are not allowed to tell us anything specific as of yet too. but i get what you mean. still we won't ever be able to have them be unveil every single detail about certain things. that's just how the industry works.

please don't take this as critizism, i just want you to keep a realistic view on things.

not the belittle devs lying and ignoring their communites, which i have seen more than you would think, sadly.....

this is pretty frustrating as i really want to play, but in all honesty it was pretty obvious that this was going to happen. i just hope that you make a lot of progress "soon" :D

i think in an older post they said that the camera view is pretty static right now, allthought they were looking at other options i think for now it will stay this way