maybe not at gamescom, but i hope shortly after, really any new official info would be nice at this point :D

while the standard controls will be keyboard + mouse, i could see a gamepad working out pretty nicely since there are not that many functions to bind to keys, the rest is just movement.

in theory it could translate very well to gamepads, but they'll probably work out everything for mouse + keyboard first.

they stated in multiple threads that they are currently focusing on the pc-version. there are currently no plans for a console port, but they have not ruled it out.

well you would not have to turn it on then, it's simply for people who have difficulties to identify certain ships, given that the cosmetics make them look completely different and unrecognizable...

mhh i still have to watch the VOD but i noticed, that in the recap it says we will be able to completely change the looks of our ship with cosmetics - in games like this were there is a lot happening and you need to be able to identify the classes/subclasses of your enemies. i hope that the cosmetics won't make ships completely unrecognizable or so different looking that you might have to guess what class it actually is.

one way to avoid/fix this would be to give us an option to turn of all cosmetics on other players in the matches

no information has been released about this yet. in multiplayer we can level up our crew and increase/upgrade some stats iirc. no idea what they got planned for the solo-campaign.

nope, i just think they decided to take a different approach to signing up for cbt. maybe there'll be a new signup method alltogether, cause just because you do not want a newsletter, does not mean you don't want into the beta ;D. dunno though =/

it never was available in the first place. they planned to get us into closed beta this summer, but there are no dates as of yet.

yes they will be there!

Drakane#2657 posted (#post-3121)

We ARE going to be at Gamescom. I can't say in what capacity yet or spoil any of what we're planning but rest assured Dreadnought will have a presence there. :)

how do you know if it's ready?

yes what they've shown us so far looks good and very playable, but they have not shown us the bad, the things that don't work right now....

i like that they are not taking the route of other games/studios where a "beta" is nothing more than a soft release or some sort of demo or earlier access for paying people.

betas are there to check out balancing, find more bugs that need to be fixed and give feedback on how certain systems feel etc.

just be patient, i know it's hard :D i want to play too, but i'd much rather play it in a state that i can enjoy for more than just a couple of hours