they do have competetive stuff planned or at least want to incorporate that stuff later on, check out this thread:

i had allready asked in another thread but i did not get an answer to this day =(

it would make a lot of sense for them to go there though, they are located in berlin after all and it's one of the biggest games-conventions that exist

i'd expect them to be there, it's just the question of what kind of appearance they'll make, eg. if they'll have a booth, pressconference, etc.

in space instead of calling it north,south,east and west, we could just invent names, pretty simple, take something like alpha, beta, gamma, delta - or of course something completely differet. then just add the sectors/chessboard model to it

you could also add little arrows either pointing up or down on enemies and allies on the map to indicate if they are below or above you

they are currently focusing on the pc release. if everything works out well they will look into releasing the game on other platforms, but not any time soon.

the core part of combat seems about done, so it's just balancing and finishing up on the different versions of each class. i guess they want to have the progression-system polished before they start a beta, as well as maybe finish a couple of maps. maybe they'll even start touching the loot-system before beta.

and yea i just speculated, but iirc didnt they want to release it this year still? dunno maybe i remember it wrong, but if they wanna do that, than a beta should not be too far away.

expect the closed beta to start within the next 2 months

but yea i'm pretty anxious as well :D cannot wait to play it

well that's actually what i meant when i described it, maybe i was not clear enough, sorry.

ofc the charges get recharged with an internal cooldown!

the thing is, that dreadnoughts are so slow, so they take more than enough time to actually get into the dangerzone. meanwhile a corvette on your team can go and scout/take out snipers. and if you have a support healing you, then the damage done by a sniper may not seem that great anymore.

yea that's why i said i'm only using it as an example :D

maybe they even have some abilities with charge allready in design, who knows

so remembering the stream i got thinking about the abilities with very low cooldown, specificly the blink-warp on the light corvette.

you could see the skill recharge very quickly and it could be "spammed" to get around rather fast, which of course is needed because the ship is very fragile.

while we still had no chance to play the game, i would still like to propose an alternate way of how abilities work.

i have yet to see an ability in dreadnought that works with charges.

i initially thought that the constant spamming might be a little bit too much, so i thought about giving that ability a certain amount of charges that could be burnt in quick succession.

lets say you have 5-7 charges on the blink-warp and one charge regenerates every 12-15 seconds.

don't get me wrong, i don't mean that they should change the ability, as i have no reference from playing the actual game, i really have no idea if the cooldown is fine that way. i just took it as an example of what i mean.

having charges gives you some more options on how to use abilities. do you keep the charges to burst them all out at once, do you use them regularily or do you just keep 1-2 charges and use everything that goes above that counter.

i also don't know if that concept of abilities would make sense in dreadnought, it just came to mind and i wanted to share the thought ;D

nonetheless i would still be interested to see different ways of how abilities work. for example an aoe targeting ability, given that we have a third person perspective and it's a 3d environment it would not come as easy as in mobas etc. but it would be interesting.

another interesting concept is one of having a passive ability which can then be activated. while the ability cools down you lose the passive effect.

i'm a little torn on channeling abilities in dreadnought. it could be awesome to land a charged lasershot over some distance but it also exposes you as a target (which is the natural effect of channeling abilities). but i'm not sure if it would fit the style that the devs want the game to have.