I'm a Sci-Fi fan.


Yup, at this rate, its a sinking ship.

P.S. Don't play too much, because progress is to be wiped when game goes open beta.

The pain is real.

Feels like playing vs GM with God Mode turned on.

If its not fixed, like, IMMEDIATELY, I will be leaving too.

Waiting 10m+ in queue then getting obliterated in 2 minutes is sooo much fun, Not.

When is 2.0 release ? smile

Time to pray.

Ah ****, there's a reset for open beta too, do we really have to grind 3 times?

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Don't worry, there will be ways to generate GP in-game, though it hasn't been implemented -_-

1 or 10 GP for 1000 FP, pls.

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Here is awesome way to deal with corvettes, Disruptor pulse, Drain Missile, Torpedo, corvette, bye bye.

Except an Aion would be dead by the time that Missile hits, or that Torpedo. The range for Pulses is less than the short range of a Corvette. Needs a dumb Corvette to come that close.

A Koshei can live long enough to get help from the Team, an Aion has to defend itself, as sad as that is. Tesla Pods will help. I know it's sad to get rid of nice healing things, but it's worth it if it doesn't give the enemy team 5 Points.

If that Corvette is running Assault Blink you're dead in any Cruiser. No chance at all, since it ignores Shields.

Anything is dead vs Assault Blink smile

Assault blink one shots corvettes.

I think its dumb, what happens if no one shoots at you? (as there is absolutely no reason to do so).

What happens if you team chose 5 of them? You can't possibly win the game.

Any many other flaws, I don't see a single good thing about them.

I'm a little late to the party but yes, multiple tactical cruisers (something + heavy or heavy*x) and turtling is the most frustrating thing in the game.

(And only frustrating thing in the game, for me, at least for now.)

Instead of an action game, we get a game where nothing happens.

Pace of the game needs to be increased, not slowed down.

I know there isn't an exact date but did you plan on publishing 2.0 during open beta, maybe closed beta?