Currently it appears that if anyone intentionally quits from a veteran match, they are replaced by the first available player, very often putting T1 ships against T4 ships. This issue is very wide spread, reproducible, and has been confirmed by multiple people.

The issue for contracts is that it appears as though it is showing negative time, specifically negative four hours every time the contract screen is opened. This refreshes upon opening the screen each additional time, resetting back down to the original negative 4 hours. Restarting your game does not appear to effect this bug, and it does not appear to effect everyone. Currently no known cause for this bug, nor is there a fix or a work around that I am aware of.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

It appears that on all maps, in Onslaught and Team Death Match (TDM) the win bonus appears to be bugged, as you will not receive any credits upon a win, however you will get extra experience, both free and ship specific. You will receive the full win bonus in Team Elimination however, so this bug appears to be exclusive to Onslaught and TDM. This has been tested by multiple people, and the bug is completely reproducible. Currently there is no known cause or work around.

Basically, the issue is currently that upon the game crashing or a player logging out, all the credits spent and ships you have purchased are removed. This includes items purchased with GP, and the GP is not refunded. Experience earned on each ship remains however, as does free experience. Please add more information as it becomes available. The more the developers know about this bug, the easier it will be to fix.

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1. It appears that patterns, decals, coatings, and emblems are lost upon game restart, as is all GP spent to purchase them. What exactly is lost varies from ship to ship. Confirmed

2. Wipe does not appear to be constant, and will stop occurring after 2 or 3 re-logs. Will nearly, if not always happen upon the first time you re-log however. Forewarning, this does not always work, and will work to varying degrees. Confirmed

3. Any elite status purchased will be unaffected. Confirmed

4. Any ship tier higher than what was previously reset will be lost upon relogging, even if you have restarted previously. After this occurs the first time, it will not happen again, much like mentioned previously. Basically, if your T2 ships got reset, then if you buy a T3 ship, it will be reset the next time you relog, but all of your T2 ships will stay relatively the same. Confirmed

5. Does not appear to effect Captain Rank. Confirmed

6. All modules on lost ships will need to be repurchased, however they will remain researched. Does not seem to effect secondary weapons, as those will remain purchased. Confirmed

Basically, the issue is that once you change off the Anansi pattern, you are unable to change back. There is no tile to change the pattern back, which appears to be the primary issue. This bug is reproducible, and has been confirmed by everyone I've had test it.

The bug in essence is that players who change their in game will not be shown under their new name in the friends list or the chat. They are shown under their former name instead. This can be seen in the two attached images bellow:

Willis showing up as Okwilliam:

Krakenwithsocks showing up as Deathwillbe:

This bug is reproducible, and is new to the game since the at least the 2.0 update, if not the Shipyard update. The bug has been present for everyone I've had test it, so it appears to be universal.

The issue is primarily that once someone in a group starts matchmaking, you are unable to cancel matchmaking until you have entered matchmaking. So basically, if anyone selects to que, you cannot cancel that que before either all members of your party pick a fleet, or they don't pick a fleet and they are forced to ready up. After you enter matchmaking, you are allowed to cancel the que. This bug is reproducible, and effects everyone I've spoken to and had test it.

I have seen this on both corvettes and tactical cruisers. In one case, a T2 Aion (Orcus) completely negated the damage from my plasma ram and didn't take a scratch from it. Other times Corvettes have been able to escape from an artillery shot due to this short period of invincibility. This is completely reproducible, and appears to primarily effect single hit damage. The invincibility is no longer in effect after around 3-4 hits, or 2-3 seconds. (Estimation there, as it is really difficult to test on the Murometz due to fire rate, and the Vindicta due to the amount of guns firing which count as individual hits) Not sure what could be causing this, but other players have noticed it as well, so it's not just me.

Gif of Bug

Currently, you are able to enter into a lower tier game in your legendary ship if you are in a squad with someone. If you wait and do not select a fleet when the other person in your party ques for veteran, you will auto select your legendary ship, and not have to pay any repair costs, even if you lose. This includes if you are not in the top 3 in the match. This is bug is completely reproducible and is being actively exploited by several players. Not sure how this bug works, however I'm throwing it out there so it gets fixed.

This one is extremely hard to test, as barely anyone plays team elimination. However it appears that if you die and do not reselect a ship in team elimination, even if you are on the winning team, you will spawn in next round as a fighter. Not sure if this is an intended feature, or if it's a bug, however it does make things difficult as you are typically not able to switch ships if you are on the team that won the round. Not completely sure if this is reproducible, however I would presume it is.