I will preface this with the fact that I am currently using the Akula industries coating, the Huscarl's Pattern, and the Kraken emblem. Now that's out of the way, the bug is that having any decal other than none, causes weird texture glitches on the front of the Blud. These graphical glitches vary from decal to decal, with some being more noticeable than others. These glitches are visible in both the hangar, and in game. These glitches are confined to just the front half of the ship however, only being seen from in front of the fourth module on, with none being visible on the back half of the ship. I have had other players test this, and it is completely reproducible. The emblem does not appear to have any effect on this, nor does the pattern, or coating. This glitch is most visible with the Macteera and Morningstar decals, and I would suggest using the coating I have to reproduce it, as it is less visible on a few of the brighter coatings. This glitch also appears to be exclusive to the Blud, as it is not seen on the Dola. I do not have the Gora, so I have no information on whether or not it's present there.

Currently there is a bug where when you put power to shields, your shields will appear and energy will be drained, but it will not provide any damage reduction. Unsure as to the cause of this, however I have primarily noticed it right after desperate measures has activated on the Vindicta. However, this can also be seen on other ships, as I have also observed it on the Murometz and the Invictus, neither of which had desperate measures on them. I cannot say for certain whether or not setting power to engines or weapons is effected by this bug as well.

Edit: Possibly has something to do with getting hit by a status effect missile right as desperate measures is activated. Further testing required.

If you start firing the Tesla turrets at max range, around 1km or so, even if the target closes in on you to within a few hundred meters, they will do no damage. This can only be reset if you stop firing and then start again, at which point it will begin doing damage as normal. First noticed this on the Orcus, however I have cross tested it and it is present on the Harwich as well.

Currently destruction cascade is bugged in onslaught, as it triggers after killing an assault ship. I am unsure whether this is an intended feature, or if it's just a mistake, however it disrupts the balancing with other officer briefings in Onslaught.

Currently there is a bug with drain pulse, where instead of the intended 30 second cool down, the module only has a 5 second cool down. This is not shown in the tool tip, and can only be seen in game.

Purge ram is also bugged, as it was returned to it's original state from before Patch V1.1.0B, the notes for which can be seen in the link below.

Basically the issue is that the purge ram has reverted to having an area of affect of around 700 meters, with the purge effect and 12.5k damage being applied to everyone within that radius. Part of the patch appears to have transferred over however, because the hitbox for the purge ram is not broken as it was prior to Patch V1.1.0B.

Snib#1627 posted (#post-41320)

Essay indeed, and while I agree that hostile behaviour is unhelpful, I didn't detect any in Draggommer's post. Frustration, for sure, but not toxicity.

You're right on that. The night I posted this was about the most frustrated I've been with any game I've been in a long time. Announcements for the patch were utterly disappointing, because they are basically completely changing the game from what I love and enjoy. They are changing it from a competitive, fast paced game, to a grind fest where you get to spend 2 weeks farming for a ship that only looks slightly different from the original, and performs the same other than some of it's stats are boosted. So basically they are flipping the game on it's head, completely changing the target audience, and it is becoming a product that I am no longer interested in. They are removing the ability to make this game your own by actually customizing your ships, are going through a repeated cycle of nerfing things into the ground, only to realize that another thing is now overpowered because of that nerf. They are also making false promises to the players only to disappoint them, which is incredibly frustrating on several levels.

  1. Do I want Dreadnought to be successful and a fun game to play?

    Yes, I would love for that. I have really enjoyed Dreadnought and it's community, I've made a lot of new friends in it. However, the fact is that the competitive community for this game dropped overnight, without anyone asking why, or even showing the slightest concern/interest in getting them back. I don't expect the devs to come begging on hands and knees. I expected them to care about their community.

  2. Do I see that happening with everything they're doing now?


  3. Do I think that they will lose every player over this patch?


  4. Will they lose me if this game is turned into the grindfest that they are showing?


  5. Do I really think I am speaking for every high level player when I say I am disappointed and the game has lost us?

    No, and to be quite frank, every player I am speaking for is one I actually know. If you're posting saying I don't speak for you, then I probably don't know you or already know you disagree.

  6. Are you worried that the devs will listen to newer players rather than listen to the so called bitter vets.

    Yes, most definitely. One of the most important parts of any game, is making sure that the end game is still actually fun. The game at lower ends of the spectrum is quite often very different from what it is like on the high end. If this game cannot keep the end game enjoyable, then it is eventually going to lose most of it's players. So basically, if the devs decide to listen to all you chipper new people, who think the game is great, and has no flaws, they are really not going to get anywhere. Because eventually, you'll get to the point all of us are now, and see all the reasons why we left. Just because there are more newer players than there are vets, doesn't mean that the vets should be ignored.

  7. How do you expect anything to get done by venting your frustrations. You should be more understanding of the developers so you don't scare them away and make them distance themselves from you further.

    You know, there was a time I would have agreed with you on that. Except here's the thing everyone saying this doesn't understand. I have already sent feedback through official channels, I have sat down and talked with devs, I have been courteous, kind, and quite lenient. Me posting my frustration, is me basically giving up, because it just. doesn't. work. The devs have shown time and time again, they'd rather listen to a hundred people who don't know how something works, rather than listening to the 10 who do and could help them fix it for everyone. The nerf bat swings, and hey, there's another dead module, another dead ship, another thing that no one will pick because it has no saving graces, and gives no reason for anyone to choose it over anything else. It's a repeating cycle of nerf into the ground, and for something else that it was balanced to counter against becoming overpowered.

    So in conclusion, if you want to sit there and question me, my policies, and what I do, go right ahead, I won't stop you. But I'm not going to sit here and continue arguing unless you bring up a valid point that actually interests me, or if something would actually change because of this. As of right now, as far as I'm aware, we are all wasting our time on this thread because nothing is going to change because of it. I didn't expect anything to when I posted it. This was a frustrated rant at about 4 in the morning, that was more for me to vent my frustrations so I could continue with my life. Sure, deep down, I'll admit I hoped it would do something, that some dev would go above and beyond to rekindle my, and the other high level players who'd left's interest in the game. But instead I got a scripted reply that basically said We look forward to developing the game without you, before promoting the 2.0 update. It pretty much goes without saying that hearing that pretty much killed any remaining interest I had in the game.

Sure, I'll still come back to check out major updates, see if it's any good yet, because I loved this game for a very long time. I had an absolute blast with this game. However the interactions I've had with the developers has been far below par. Not because they were rude, or didn't seem interested when I was talking to them, but because the follow through just wasn't there. I was given the impression my feedback mattered, and then I found out that none of it had. So... yeah. If you want to keep going on and questioning my ethics and decision making, go ahead. Just don't expect me to respond again. I might respond to clarify something every now and then, but it's really not going to affect my life in any way if a few people who I don't, or at best barely even know, don't agree with me on the internet. You can me toxic, or you call me really what ever you want because of that, but it'll most likely be falling on deaf ears. So... have fun with that.

I edited it so that it's not just a wall of text now.

From my perspective, and from the perspective of the vast majority of this community, they messed up, and I'm done trying to argue how they should fix their issues. I have a problem when a game not only loses a vast majority of it's player base, but also makes them feel like they wasted their time. Time trying to provide feedback, make something they loved and really liked better, and being told that your ideas will be considered, before for all I know, they are never mentioned again. That's where I'm at right now, and it's going to take something bigger than "here have a founder pack" or "we're working on it" to change that. It's rubs in and makes sure that you know that the game is only in closed beta, that we the players, are expendable, and perfectly replaceable.

The entire high ranking community for competitions, just playing, testing, everything, basically vanished overnight, and the devs haven't even tried to reach out to figure out why. I wasted at least 200 hours, probably around $140, and this isn't even mentioning all of the other high level players who have spent time trying to help this game. In one update, this game lost nearly everyone left from Alpha, most of the folks from early beta, and more that I am not even familiar with. I understand this is a business with a profit motive, I understand that they want to make money off this, I understand that they have THEIR way that they believe the game should go. But when they don't even listen to the simplest balance changes and go with what they think it should be, only to be proven that it doesn't balance anything... Lets just say it gets old real quickly. The ONLY reason I am not asking for a refund is because (A. I doubt I wouldn't get it, and (B. I actually hope this game turns out into something worth my time and it won't be wasted.

I hope this game actually becomes something enjoyable and popular. But right now, I know for a fact that this is just not going to happen. And that is incredibly disappointing. Because I'm having to move on to other games because I just can't deal with dreadnought any more. Sure, I have other games that I enjoy, and that I am playing in the mean time. But Dreadnought had something special that I wanted to make better, and all of my time trying to make it better was wasted, amounting to nothing. That is my reasoning, it is why I think and feel the way I do, and it's probably not changing at this point, because the devs aren't going to put actual effort into it in any way that I am going to see. I don't care to watch the streams any more, and they don't really post much on facebook. So there you have it, it's not pretty, but it's the truth.

Post Edit Note:

I appreciate that a community manager acknowledged my post, however it doesn't solve a problem that has been present in this company for a long time. Every time someone voices their disappointment in the game, the company goes on the defensive rather than seeing what can be done to resolve grievances. Sure, this is a problem that has likely been made worse by various trolls whittling down their patience over time, however it is a problem none the less. Presuming I am only saying this to make you have a bad day, rather than reaching out to try and see what could be done to fix the problem, is going to solve nothing. It won't bring me back, and it won't bring back all the other high level players who left this game after the most recent update. Even if I'm not the one you reach out to, there are plenty of other disappointed high level players who have left the game over your most recent update. They've been the main ones testing things for you, and suggesting balance changes from the community, and the vast majority care about this game. Whether I agree with everything they say or not, that's enough for me. I said I don't expect this game to be enjoyable or popular, not that I don't want it to be.

As I said, I do not have an interest in watching the community livestreams or developer chats, and my schedule doesn't allow me to make it to any of the round tables. As of yet, those have seemingly been the only ways that feedback has actually been accepted and acknowledged. Actually hearing back, "Hey, we like your feedback, we'll try implementing that", or saying which/what part you will try implementing, or "We appreciate your suggestion, but we're not going to be implementing your feedback at this time." Even if something happens, and you are unable to implement something like you said you would, and you have to tell the community it won't be implemented for reason X, Y, or Z, I know I would personally be much less upset . If visibility has been an issue for you, then there's your solution. You could even change the #progression-updates channel on discord to a channel only the devs can post in, where you say what will or will not be implemented, and what you are attempting in a way that nearly everyone who cares can see. You need to make Dreadnought look good for casual players, okay, I get that, but in joining the Dreadnought Beta Testers Discord, people are actively stepping towards testing and fixing the game, rather than just playing it casually. You could probably get me and quite a few other high ranking players back if you did something like that.

I could probably also get most of the high ranking players who left to tell you why, so the developers and the long time player base you lost with this most recent update can work together to make this game better rather than suffering from the "disconnect" you describe. However, I doubt I'm going to be able to convince anyone unless they feel like you'd listen. Otherwise, I guess this will have just been me venting with no progress or change for either party.

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Alceister#9621 posted (#post-38653)

What if we took all accounts above a certain level (like say 20), reset them to 20, and gave them a fixed credit and GP reimbursement? That way, whatever effectiveness MM has in sorting experienced players vs newbies is maintained, while the massive disparity in levels (which I think is fundamentally unfair at this stage) is alleviated.

Many of the high ranking players have a lot of time on their hands, I could probably rush 0-50 somewhere between one and two weeks.

That's pretty much exactly what I said. I could probably get level 50 within 2 weeks tops, probably a week and a half. Everyone else would have to sit and scramble to try and catch up while we didn't have any fair matches.

evilsabre#2940 posted (#post-38611)

Personally while i do think the purge ram is overpowered and very unfun to play against however I don't think it needs to be nerfed as hard as they are planing on nerfing it. I'm only level 15 and i've played against draggon 3 or 4 times now including one game where he had 3 afks and manged to win a 2v5 100-60. However after i finally had played against him enough to see how he liked to attack i was able to adapt and win the last match i played against him. So the purge ram is definatly beatable even by relative novices but it is incredibly frustrating to play against.

Exactly, which is what adjusting the matchmaking would fix. Honestly, I shouldn't be paired against low level players like yourself in the first place, especially when there's already more than enough higher level players to be matched against. Sure, it might make the game slightly less fun for the high level players because they can't just pub stomp, but it would also make it a lot more fair, and wouldn't drive away the newer players.

This is because currently the ram is the benefactor of 2 very broken mechanics, firstly a really silly hitbox on the rams damage making dodging it near enough impossible. Secondly purge, i really hate this statis effect as it offers 0 choices to a player after they are hit therefore meaning you might as well go to the bathroom after you get hit because either you'll come back to the respawn screen or you will still be in purge when you get back...

So what would be the ideal ways to deal with these issues well as for the damage hitbox thats an obvious fiz make the damage hitbox the same as the plasma rams. As for adding counterplay to purge the best option is to add defensive modules which activate on trigger or when hit by certain conditions for example maybe dreadnaughts could get a purge absorber add on in their 3rd or 4th slot where this module allows the dreadnaught to absorb a purge status effect to recharge its energy and boost the

power of its weapons for a brief period of time on a cooldown of about a minute. This creates a healthier dynamic where the rammer will need to be wary of dreadnaughts until either the dreadnaught reveals its module slot, utilise the cooldown difference, hit other targets or use the ram as a finisher as the damage will still be done.

An options for tac vessels could be a electromagnetic purifier pulse(yes i known the names for these modules are terrible) which removes any debuffs on ally ships within a 3km radius and is usable even when disrupted/purged. But give it a cooldown of 90secs-180secs to create counter play.

Yep, I posted about a few options about how purge could be countered earlier in my last paragraph before moving on to arguments/counters that you might find interesting to look at. I also covered how the ram was broken, and various ways they could fix it. They are a lot of the same ideas, as well as a couple other things that could provide balance. You might find them interesting to check out, and let me know what you think.

In summary i feel that the real problem is purge as it creates a very unfun experiance for the victim. Also as a side note I also think that disrupt, drain and stasis are also unfun mechanicly for the victim so i'd like to see more countermeasure modules in general not just for purge. A by product of this might be that traditional weapons like torpedo salvo's etc become indirectly better as they may not be so badly outclassed as they are currently.

This is true, it would honestly be interesting if they made it so autoguns had a chance to shoot down incoming missiles, to make them a bit more worth it in the long run. Not a high chance, probably just around 20% that rolls once every 1-2 seconds while the missiles are within range. Not enough to make it overpowered, but enough to actually provide an incentive to choose them over other options in that slot. Currently, there's not much incentive to use them in my opinion.

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Snib#1627 posted (#post-38576)

Well I'm in the camp that says purges are overall too strong, on any ship. We got enough individual disables, force people to make a choice rather than give them the easy all-in-one package.

In addition, purge ram not only gives you a super short-cooldown AOE purge, it's also the only purge in game that comes without any downside to its user (purge nuke can at least hit yourself). Slap an energy drain and other self-debuffs on it and it can stay the way it is for all I care, but currently it's a risk-free "have your cake and eat it, too" card.

I agree 100% with that one.

What is the point of drain/stasis/disruptor IF YOU CAN GET PURGE!!! It simply make other modules useless. Purges however can be made viable by making them weaker and have longer cooldowns.

next thing is that Desperate Measures should remove it like it says in description!!!

Dreadnought have now big problem there are a lot of modules that put CC but almost 0 that remove them...

Quite honestly, that's how dreadnought is. Everything is overpowered if you do it right. That is half the fun of the game, and most of the challenge. Far as making disrupt and stasis worthless, I could not disagree more. Purge is great, but it is also just as easy to counter as disrupt or stasis. For example, if you are going in for a ram, it is more than likely that someone is going to see you, and target you with say, a disrupt missile. This is their way of countering you. Now you as a rammer, can counter them by hitting them with a disrupt missile first, negating their ability to counter you and allowing you to go get a hit in. Rather than making disrupt or stasis worthless, it makes them more important because you need to use every available asset in order to ensure an effective hit. As far as desperate measures goes, by making it remove absolutely any status effect, and restoring your energy, it would make the ram cans even more powerful than they are already, plus create a whole new bucket of worms. Say you hit me with a disrupt missile, and then my desperate measures is activated. I now have all my abilities back, without the need for a cooldown, even though the disrupt effect should still be active. I can now waltz right in and ram you, essentially rendering your disrupt missile worthless.