Zynryuk#3297 posted (#post-13120)

I was kinda hoping that by registering no soon Signs ups were available I would have had better possibilities to be picked between the firsts.

Well, too bad xD

This is slightly lame indeed, I, like you, signed up the day they opened beta signups, and still got no invite. Meanwhile a lot of 1-posters here are wondering what this game they got a code for is smile

You need to consider client and server performance issues when dealing with large numbers like that. I'd be surprised if you get anything above 25-30 fps in a 20v20 brawl.

It is explained here that you don't get an email, but if you saw the little blue confirmation box after you signed up, then you are good.

Private forum section is how it usually works.

Nukes in this game do feel a little weak. It would be cool if they could have more effect on terrain, like leaving huge burn marks.

On a serious note, if you have trouble hitting an icon on your screen, try lowering the sensitivity.

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Hahaha, okay then.'s not really a violation of the forum rules to refer to the game. You shouldn't start a topic about it. But i think you could refer to it in a context like this one. :D

Well, the game in question is called APB:Reloaded, now mods, don't ban me! :D

Unique ship skins and/or captain outfits would be nice. As long as it is only cosmetics.

Actually, there is a game (which I won't name because of forum rules) that uses vector graphics to let you customize your character. You place primitives (like various pre-made shapes or symbols) anywhere on your character, rotate/stretch them, combine them, pick colors etc, which is fairly close to being able to directly draw on your character. The result is then sent as a string to other clients, which saves a lot of bandwidth compared to sending actual textures.

This doesn't prevent you from drawing silly stuff on your character, but at least it ain't photorealistic. :D