Will there be an xbox one beta? cause i'm unable to play this on my current pc, which i hate and I don't have a ps4, only an xbox one and would invest a lot into the game if there will be an xbox one version, as then i would actually be able to play the game. Now just curious, is all, as the game looks amazing and i want to play it so bad, but when i don't have money to afford a new pc or system, i have to stick with what i currently own.

Well it would be nice to figure out the why behind what's going on, why are you fighting and so forth, as it just makes the game deeper. As if you just have multiplayer, sometimes that does get boring and having something different to play in a game, with possibly different rewards and all, is a pretty sweet idea.

Yea and of course more ships and customizing those ships etc. But we will see, but I still hope for a campaign.

Well I bet it will be epic, as the game itself is already badass, so I can't wait, as I want to know why there is fighting, like could there be like a civil war and then aliens or another force attack and so you can fight alien ships cause the other race stole tech from the aliens and they want it back or something? would be sweet, as this is one of those games that is going down a totally new path and I love it.

Amazing game, first game to give you command of a ship, instead of you controlling all the ships. I think a story/campaign would be amazing to make the game even deeper, as sometimes just PvP can get a bit boring, so like campaign or campaigns, a war, fighting for planets like with a squad/clan to rule the galaxy or galaxies, would be pretty badass and of course more ships way later on, but so far, it looks amazing, I want to play it so bad, so I'm checking the site almost everyday, So keep up the great work :)

Ship name- The Unknown is scary

Class- Stealth Torpedoes Cruiser

Description- Small nimble ship to get behind the enemy fleet and unleash torpedoes at their backs to hit engines and critical support systems to lower the fighting ability of the enemy fleet

Number of guns and type(optional)- 4 to 6 on top and bottom, small fast firing guns, mainly to target missles and fighters (if fighters are added to the game like in a carrier style ship)

General Shared Abilities(optional) raise shields, boost engines and cloaking (idk the other in game abilities)

Unique Abilities- Torpedo salvo, which allows you to target up to two ships and release torpedoes to try and hit them, now you can change the type, from High explosive to Deep impact, where if a torpedo hits, it has a 2nd booster to boost itself into the ship to explode deeper inside and Emp to temporally take a ship offline for free targeting. But to balance it out, the ability has a large cooldown time, so can't spam torpedoes