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While the post was intended to reassure us that yes, work is being done and yes, it's going to be awesome I'm getting seriously concerned in how far the resulting build will be open to testing and discovering ... disagreements regarding UI, balance and player information ...

I welcome the news, and I understand greater forces are at work in order to assure a solid, well-founded build ... but I do wonder exactly what level input -we- are intended for at this stage.

Well, nothing to do but sit tight I guess.

It would be nice if they were actually implemented in the build we have (and no they're not)

Jeslis#8939 posted (#post-42625)

Were there any new announcements... or is that being saved for later in gamescom for some reason?

I was under the impression that something 'big' was to be announced/released at gamescom here for dreadnought... was I mistaken?

They said something about the Friday event (which I am attending as well)

Will try to get you guys a separate report on that.

So I got home from Gamescom, painful feet, very tired, feeling strangely numb after having been surrounded by far too much hype, overly loud music and oversized booths ..... and still there was this one booth that made me feel at home, that had this awesome feel to it where it was about the game and not about the show girls, the loud pounding music, the giant video walls or the rehashing of last year's big release in a new hype.


The booth itself is awesome, shaped like a Monarch Dreadnought from the figurehead on the front to the glowing exhausts on the back, sporting gun turrets everywhere - like a proper dreadnought should!

Inside I found enthusiastic staff, enthusiastic players and a nicely setup play and briefing system with some fun matches - the whole atmosphere was energetic (not least because of the activity level of a certain community manager!) and enthusiastic and it felt pretty good to be part of it!

The show floor build that you could play had 5 terminals on a row, for an entire team, with 5 preset builds different per terminal, so that the entire scala of ship classes as represented in a team - unfortunately I kept ending up at the same terminal and fortunately it had 2 dreadnought builds smile the games themselves flowed pretty nicely.

The map used was Red Sands (which we don't yet have!) and it's awesome. Provided you can hold your fire (and not show up on the minimap) you can easily sneak through the terrain for some nice surprise attacks, and do some nifty tactical maneuvers.


The gamescom floor build is pretty much what we have ... just with a different map (Red Sands)

If you don't like getting random people from queueing, formy a 5-man team with friends - problem solved.

Else, try to teach them, try to get some sense in them - and if you can't, leave the match and requeue.

Having had a (pleasant) discussion with Dogma on the Discord about this matter it seems the primary problem is there is little to no internal consistency in the game and almost every effect is processed differently (even depending on what target you hit) ... which could lead to documentation, balancing and debugging issues further down the road.

So a pretty-please to the devs: please make effects behave consistently!

Snib#1627 posted (#post-41862)

I wouldn't know about scrambler mines (are they even meant to affect yourself?) but the shield never prevented things like scramble pulse or any sort of targeted debuff - only the damage portion gets blocked, not the debuff. Can you reproduce your issue with any of those?

Testing this is harder than it looks; the only reliable thing I can test (replicably) on my own is scrambler mines, but there is some evidence that a shielded corvette will not get debuffed from purge/stasis beam until its shields drop.

I'm going to try and do some more testing to find the full limits of my assertion/suspicion above, though.

FWIW, yes your own scrambler mines will affect you if you're still in range when they detonate.

After a chance comment on Discord (kudos to thedeath for pointing this one out btw) I got to thinking and experimenting and it seems the current definition of a hit, especially where (aoe) debuffs are involved might require evaluation.

What it comes down to is that "getting hit" in Dreadnought entails "effect colliding/intersecting with your hitbox and inflicting at least 1 damage" - and this is generating problems for a number of effects:

  • All beneficial Pulses (Cloak, Weaponbooster, Armorbooster, Overclock) (which have since been fixed to deal "zero damage" - but they still do since being affected by one will stop your out-of-combat armor repair)

  • Any debuff affect targeting a shielded corvette; since a corvette's shields completely block damage, it is possible for that corvette to ignore being debuffed so long as the hit happened while he was shielded.

A quick and easy test for this on a corvette:

- Equip scrambler mines

- Go into a training match

- Drop scrambler mines next to an enemy ship

- Immediately shield

- Watch your scrambler mines explode on enemy without affecting you, even though you're in blast radius.

Additionally this behavior might also explain why blast pulse ignores shields altogether, if it shares code with the beneficial pulse effects.