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why are you still here then?

Because this is a forum where the game is to be discussed, the good and the bad. Of course there is a personal take along with the affect on the community, but many who make comment here still want the game to be a success - it is not at the moment.

For me, I think the game could definately be better, I have said how I believe it can. Some people think it can do no wrong (there are some fantastic phrases on the most recent Steam forum entries that made me laugh so hard, but all very, very true ;D). They will try and post comments meant to stop others making comment - childish behavour when you consider that is what a forum is for.

Some people probably still have hope that the game will see success - I just say look at the numbers, what they have been and what they are now (not very impressive). After several years and releases to new formats I don't see this changing.

Why have I replied - because the 'Devs Listen' thread is the only one I have on notification. Who knows, maybe I might see something in the forums or even in the numbers (or over the media!), to indicate the game is on the up.

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Sorry but I will remain ignorant about Storms. It was a disgraceful act. And from what I have heard there were quite a few people on reddit asking for carriers, and people asked for it on the forums before I even joined.

lol, you aren't the only person who has mentioned carriers. They are one of many ideas, put forward by many people. O7

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Ah, but again that is not the only thing a hero ship gives you. Also, you can have both. Why wouldn't you stack them?

Also also, as a one time purchase its a smaller investment, which appeals to some people.

It's simply a matter of cost-benefit-ratio.

A hero ship nets you +10% XP which you can't transfer to ships you acually want to progress. You can convert the XP to freeXP, though, but at a horrendous exchange rate of 1GP per 40 XP. The same +10% bonus applies to freeXP but with an average gain of around 500 freeXP per match (with a hero ship being in your fleet but not being used) that bonus only amounts to 50 freeXP per match which is miniscule and as such forgettable.

There is one instance in which a hero ship has a noticeable effect on freeXP gains, though, and that is when you actively play one. Then your freeXP gains increase significantly (the same goes for normal XP gains but with the conversion requirement I'm going to ignore that). But then again, most of the hero ships have subpar modules and/or officer briefings or just modules/OB's that don't fit your playstyle so playing them becomes a chore more often than not.

The Elite Status on the over hand nets you +100% so it literally doubles your XP gains which is 10 times the bonus of a hero ship. But the real obstacle to obtaining a hero ship is the price tag. 3000 GP (for a T4) which equals roughly 25 € is a lot of money for just a +10% bonus to XP which you have no use for unless you spend even more money.

I don't have the exact number but let's assume 3000 GP will grant you 180 days of elite status. That means you would have to play 1.800 days (roughly 5 years!) in your hero ship exclusively just to get the same amount of bonus XP as the benefit of Elite Status exceeds the benefit of a single hero ship tenfold. And again, you would have to spend even more money to convert that XP.

So while it is technically correct that hero ships grant you benefits to XP and freeXP gains in practice that's just not worth your money.

Although the last bit is all down to whether the individual believes it is worth it, I commend you on a very balanced assessment (IMO lol).

Indeed, £30 ($40) is a bargain for a camo, ship parts and decal if they appeal to your individual style.

Hero ships are another area that have been discussed for a long time as they come with one build only, cannot be changed and, unless you're lucky, will not match the playstyle you want - so basically they are sub-optimal in most cases.

Dreadnought knows this, have no intention of changing this and I guess the main reason many buy is for the look of the ship which can then be used on other ships of the same manufacturer and type of ship as the hero ship.

It would be unfair to call them 'Zero Ships', but many get caught out when they pay a fair bit of money and find they really don't feel like they bought themselves a slice of hero! O7

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If you are not playing, then why are you here? You come here just to post doom and gloom and how bad the game is to you, over and over and over again.

A lot of your complaints are purly subjective, progression, market prices, balance. I'm not saying all of theres are perfect, but not everyone feels the same, and everyone has a different opinion on value/worth. You or I do not have to spend a penny on this game to play it. This week i got my final T5 ship, 261 hours of play time to unlock all T5 ships, thats not bad at all. Thats not even a quater of the play time I have in some games. I could probably take 61 hours out of that too as when i started playing there was a thing called maintenance where you had to pay credits to play veteran if your team lost. so I spent 3 months of my play time in recruit, so that probably equalled 60 ish hours.

To some people 261 hours is a lot, to others they probably play 24 hours a week easy. It's all about perception.

Because I hope for the game to succeed. I would also like to see the many players who have left come back, unfortunately when they have and asked if anything has changed all we can say is...'no, not really'. This isn't good and I truely believe this game will die very soon (after such a poor Steam launch) if people like me do not speak up about the kind of things that make me not want to play.

Of course not everyone feels the same - but those that do have left. Even those that are still with the game, report the issues (same issues) over and over again. Hence the need for threads like 'The Devs are Listening!', in which a great amount of replies end up being 'no they aren't!'.

And yes, everyone's perception of things is personal - that is why when it comes down to it, your single opinion doesn't matter and neither does mine; it's all the opinions of those people walking out the door that matter.

(I am now saving my entries in word and taking screen shots once posted as for some reason my posts keep disappearing from the forums. If I have broken any rules then please inform me; as far as I can see I am just telling the truth as I see it).

In 30+ years of gaming and to then focus on free to play games that I have enjoyed, I have never been so disappointed or had a bigger feeling that a game is destined to fail as with this one. Which is a shame as Tier I and II, really gave me hope!

However, instead of offering me a feeling of progress, they hit me with the grind wall. Don’t get me wrong, a company needs to make money, but if you want people to invest then offer good value for Elite status, a fair price for mods, Hero ships that once I had bought could be modified to my game play and more ways of making the ships and captain personal, instead they went for the 100% money grab.

Make me want to invest early on in order to hook and keep me. So many people warned Dreadnought before the Steam release and tried to tell them how important it was to generate AND keep the new players. Re-roll out things already produced at a cheap price, the work has already been done. Let people modify their Captains at a reasonable price – make the Captain and your fleet you and your fleet. Instead the Steam launched failed in its goal and it is more likely the better queue for Legendary games was down to old players hoping to come back to a better situation than when they left.

So we have a failed Steam launch; we all know the better Legendary queues are because of returning players (as there is no way new players are at Tier V yet); they have moved the Tier difference from Tier III and IV to IV and V – rather than fix the problem; people have been laid off and with every new patch comes new bugs!

We have the EXACT same situation that has been present over the lifetime of this game, poor progression, poor value and a poor experience that will not keep players. And here we have the saddest situation of all, can Dreadnought afford to change? I believe they are now dependant on the old guard who have played this game for so long. They have to allow them to enjoy their games because if they can’t keep the new players they only have the old players. So how can they offer better value, better progression and more personalisation to new players without letting the old players know just how poor a deal they have had in the past?

That is why, although I wish it wasn’t the case, I believe the game is destined to fail. I haven’t played it in a while; last time I logged on half the windows (Market) weren’t loading and I just thought ‘meh! I’m off to play something else’.

Seems my comments keep loading onto the forum, but then 'disappearing'. Another bug maybe?

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Do you want to make the game more profitable?

Abandon the idea of heroes ship, as it is worthless, unless you can at least modify the skills to make them viable with the meta of the game.

Propose retrofits of hero ships to the 1500/2000 GP it will sell faster and therefore by extension, it will pay for the game faster.

So yes I agree, all work deserves pay and I applaud the work of the artists, but let's face it, the players are more interested in the skin of the hero ships than the hero ship itself. And a skin variant only with a lower price will be more attractive.

So yes, keep in the way of retrofits

Translate via googletrad. (Sorry for the expressions that will be around.)

Has been requested many times before -sigh!-

Sigh is for the fact it hasn't changed, not your post. O7

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A string of missions? how is that different than the grind in Dreadnought "rewarding" you with a ship?

Because the missions were varied with different objectives, they reward a special ship not in the usual list of ships (a hero ship if you like, but a good one that you can change to your play style), the missions still count towards your progression through the usual ships and it doesn't take forever to win the mission ship or progress up the ranks of a normal ship.

That is how it is different lol.

Edit: The missions also rewarded other bonuses; for example the equivalent of a Captain in this game with the choice of half the OBs available. So I earned a ship, a captain, progressed through other missions and the ship tier. In this game, during the same time, I'm coming close to my first module on my tier 4 ship lol.