Today the developers announced on twitter and facebook that the closed alpha begins! those of you who have yet signed up to test the game do so now if you want the possibility of being in the Alpha or possibly to the very least the beta! link below to the facebook page but i will quote it as well:

Captains, Dreadnought is ready for undocking! We are pleased to announce that today, the game starts its first Pre-Alpha testing phase with limited participation and testing hours. Our Pre-Alpha testers are under NDA (loose lips sink ships!), but we can tell you that they will be helping us to focus on things like overall gameplay, map layout, balance, ship customization and in-game progression.

Didn’t get invited to test yet? Don’t despair- we’re pulling from our current registrants and more people will be invited soon, so make sure you’ve signed up for the Beta on our website. We’re excited to start this new phase for Dreadnought and looking forward to getting feedback from our testers!*

Chipinators#8309 posted (#post-5211)

You shouldn't get any sort of confirmation email for newsletter/beta-ups. I wouldn't really expect any emails other than thread subscription notifications if you have those turned on. I've been subscribed to the newsletter since March and haven't gotten a single newsletter. I suspect they wont really send newsletters until beta / release.

IM just worried that for what ever reason emails from dreadnought not going through. I do not want to miss any important news nor the possible beta invite. So getting a confrim email from at least the newsletter would be a small relief

signed up for newsletter, but no confirmation email has come yet. checked inbox and spam-folder, nothing related to dreadnought or greybox. Been waiting more than 24 hours and still no email confirmation.

I have read some others people on the forums are having the same issue. Just making a official thread to help keep track of those having the same email issue.

Please post if this has happened to you.

same no confirm email for newsletter

This topic is for using Pluto and/or its system of FIVE (YES 5!)moons as a place to battle over or as a backdrop to a battle near it. Besides the fact no game company has made a game that included a playable area of Pluto(or if they had, it was guess work) and Greybox/Yager could be the first to include the planetoid in a game ever. There are other facts and story reasons for Pluto to be in the game as a playable area(s):

-Its the last sizable object before the solar system ends.

-Its proximity to the Kuiper Belt make it ideal locations for mining corps. bases/cities.

-being the last sizable object in the solar system makes it a strategic point for any nation attacking or defending the solar system.


To help come up with map ideas heres some more pictures of Pluto and some of its moons

Relative Size comparison


Atmosphere Comparison

Pluto Moon System

Pluto Moons

NASA timelaps

-Some Facts-

Orbit: 247.68 years

Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Methane, and Carbon Monoxide

Moons: Charon, Nix, Hydra, Kerberos, Styx


The last major space object before the great beyond to the outer solar system, has now been visited by man.. .

New Horizons satellite has completed its 9 year mission and is now moving onto parts unknown...

Its short visit of the small red planetoid marks a important achievement humanity has made that will lead us to the future as well to the universe...

Until we establish warp or near warp drive capabilities, we can only dream of going there. Maybe in this game we will visit it one day...

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There is already a Stealth unit Warnari and no worries Dedadude.

well it could be a new type of corvette not a different class

for the ship suggestion:i really like the spacial sonar,it's a good ability in the game and i think the ship is well balanced but i wouldn't suggest as new class but as a new type of the existent class which includes corvette because they have similarities in the game role

I probably should have given more examples. However, not all the subs are similar to the Corvette.

Large sub

Size: Cuiser-dread

Sub Special:

Carries the most missiles/rockets/torpedoes of any sub or ships. Meaning its has the most potential to destroy enemy ships in a short period of time.


Mobile missile platform. Sriking with devistating firepower and sneaks away to get in another potion to strike at the enemy. Breaking up enemy forces. Taking down ships like the dread very fast. Taking hard to reach or well defended enemy targets. Placing fear into the heart of enemies of the lurking danger.


Easy to spot putside of subspace, cooldown and delay into/out of suspace is the longest of any subs, large size means its easier to hit, slowest of the subs.

Medium Sub

Size: Destroyer

Sub special: Best at hunting other hidden enemies, like enemy subs.

Role: hunt other subs. sneak attack on the enemy. Provide intel on the enemy. can potential break up an enemy force. Taking hard to reach or well defended enemy targets. Placing fear into the heart of enemies of the lurking danger.

Weakness: Its a jack of all trades type of sub, only main strength is hunting other subs.

Light sub

Size: Corvette-frigate

Sub special:

best at being stealthy of all sub and ship types


Provide intel on the enemy. can potential break up an enemy force. damaging or taking out hard to reach or well defended enemy targets. Placing fear into the heart of enemies of the lurking danger. Fastest sub that can give a light corvette a run for its money in terms of speed while in subspace(Kessel Run XD). Very hard to spot even outside of subspace.


Lacks the fire power potential of the other subs. lowest health and armor of any ship type.

What makes subs special and different from other ships?

(Beside being the best at stealth)

While they lack of turrets, armor, and health for brawling battles. They well make up for their devistating attack abilities that have a good chance of taking out one or more targets at a time. If caught out of or found while in subspace, they are vunerable to attack. But they again make up for it with their potential for devistating the enemy.

Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-2160)

That's one really long post, WarnarI.

But I don't exactly how should work this "sub-warp" in battle: can you make an example?

An example of how it would play in battle:

The submarine sneaks behind enemy lines unnoticed. Using sonar sees a grouped ups enemy ships that the subs allies are having trouble with.

The submarine gets within range as well in a place where it can quickly take cover while the subspace dive ability (SDA) is on cooldown. Once in potion, the sub breaches back into normal space by diving out. Fires its torpedoes and possibly missiles.

Then the sub takes cover(if available). Finally it slinks off into subspace when cooldown it done. Leaving the enemy confused and possible decimated or disrupted. Enough so that the subs team mates take out the enemy ships by taking advantage of the situation.

Another exple would be a similar situation but taking out an enemy target that is either hard to reach(like artillary sniper) or too well defended( like a dmg vessel or medic cruiser).

Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-2160)

That's one really long post, WarnarI.

But I don't exactly how should work this "sub-warp" in battle: can you make an example?

How does Subspace Dive work?

[Classified] TOP SECRET! SCIENCE! etc

What the sub looks like in the Subspace bubble?

It is perfectly invisible. The sub is traveling between spacial layers so it can not be picked up visually unless affected by something outside or inside the subspace bubble/field

What does the sub see while in Subspace?

The area and ships are all black, white, and gray colored. The sonar picks up ships on a regular bases based on their last potion. It can be a scary place, though, when the submarine hunter becomes the hunted!

How do weapons affect an enemy sub that is in subspace?

Vast majority of weapons do nothing. Instead they pass through one side of the bubble to the direct opposite side. While no damage is taken, reg weapons can help expose a sub so that ships with sub killing weapons or abilities to knock out a sub from subspace can target and attack.

Weapons like torpedoes, depth charges, mines, and other anti-sub can penetrate the subspace barrier and do heavy damage to killing the submarine outright

How It effects speed?

When in the fields, the subspace drive pushes/pulls the sub to where the player wants to go. As a result of the sub being in subspace, its matter has been displaced making it easier to propel and maneuver.

What things affect the Subspace bubble and the submarine inside it?

The submarines abilities and commands like increase speed, power to weapons, and certain abilities the sub is using, had used inside the bubble, or had used when not in subspace dive can make the subspace as visible if not more than normal cloaking. Which is bad for a thin armor/health ship that has no ability to brawl with other ships (normally).

Why majority of abilities can not be used inside?

If all abilities could be used inside the bubble, the sub would be brokenly powerful game balance wise. As well many weapons carried can not penetrate the subspace barrier and would explode. Most likely killing all on board.

What abilities can/could be used while in a subspace dive?

Certain torpedoes and support abilities can be used. Explain some of them in the post, more later.

What counters the submarine while its in subspace bubble ?

Other submarines Sonar and ships radar can detect submarines that are not in Silent Running mode. As well when in very close proximity can detect those who are.

Weapons like Torpedoes, depth charges, mines, and space warping/distorting abilities can damage or knock out a submarine from subspace.

Why does the submarines have no shields?

The submarines are assassins or/and provide long range support. They are not brawlers as well the subspace bubble formed around them while they are in a dive is better that shields(most of the time)

What role or roles would submarines play on the battlefield?

Spying, silently taking out targets that are out of reach or heavily protected, providing a missile platform that is hard to detect, cat and mouse play for players, and of course hunting other submarines.

And most Important question of all, What does a submarine EXPLOSION look like when the sub is kill inside its subspace field?!

If you go and look at old WWII videos of submarines that were destroyed while underwater. Then you can get some idea of what it would look like. But it would be more pronounced and very bright with light.

                                                                          ** Submarines**

Please bear with me with the large amount of text. Submarines are so different than normal ships that I have to go into detail on how they work.

-Submarine Class-

Sizes: Light, Medium, Large

Armor: Light

HP: Low

Shields: None

Armaments: Various Torpedoes and Missiles

Proportion: Standard ship proportion, Sub-space

They are the assassins/spies of space. Silently hunting down their targets with ruthless precision. They bring uncertainty to the battlefield, striking at the enemy when they least expected.

Class Ability: Subspace Dive

While it seems odd that submarines would be used in space warfare where they do not have the sea to help protect and hide them. Instead they dive into a subspace bubble that not only allows them to hide but increases their speed as well. Submarines silently traverse the battlefield in subspace, lurking, looking for an opportunity to strike!

-Subspace Dive Vs. Cloaking-

Unlike cloaking, if normal weapons such as cannon, laser, missiles, and even some special weapons like nukes hit the subspace field. They will pass harmlessly from one side to the other side of the sub. It does reveal that there is a sub in that area but it does not knock the sub out of subspace. Only torpedoes, depth charges, and other anti-sub weapons can penetrate the subspace field to damage or destroy a submarine.

-Spacial Sonar vs. Radar Scanner-

Spacial Sonar is used by submarines while some form of radar scanner is used by ships. The sub sends out a spacial ping while in Subspace Dive in order to navigate and detect enemy vessels. The area appears in black, white, and grey when the sub is in subspace. The pings sent out updates the sub as to its surroundings as well vessels moving in air/space/gas.

The downside to using Spacial Sonar and even ship radar is that it reveals the sub/ship position that sent out the ping to other subs and ships that can detect subs or use radar to pick up the pings. To quiet the sub and stop it from pinging the player commands the ship to Silent Run. This makes submarines extremely hard to detect unless your close to them or on top them. Depends on if they are still moving, if they are next to terrain that obscures their spacial warp signature, or/and have come to a complete stop.

For Exple: Large subs have the best Spacial Sonar Range but are the easiest to detect because of their large size and their ping is the loudest of the 3 sub main types. While the light sub has the shortest range but it the most silent. As well the ping for light subs goes off more often compared to its medium and large brethren.

-Ship Commands and how they effect subspace-

Increasing sub speed and increase weapon dmg while in subspace makes the submarine more noticeable. Increasing speed command makes the subspace bubble so noticeable that its even more clearly seen than a ship that is cloaked. As to increasing weapons power command makes the sub as visible as a ship while cloaked.

-Subspace Dive stats info-

Dive length:

-Light: 3-5 minutes

-Medium: 2 ½-3 1/2 minutes

-Large: 1-2 ½ minutes

Dive in/out delay:

-Light: 1.5 secs

-Medium: 2 secs

-Large 3 secs

Dive cooldown:

(starts after sub exits or is knocked out of subspace)

-Light: 9 secs

-Medium: 12 secs

-Large: 15 secs

Ship Command: Shields replaced with Silent Running

Submarines lack shields and used a Silent Running mode to quiet the ship and make it nearly undetectable to enemy subs/vessels. Subs are not meant to attack ships in brawling fights. Instead they rely on their subspace bubble to hide, protect, and propel themselves. But event subspace fields can be detected by enemy subs, sub hunters like light destroyers. So to remain undetected, they use Silent Running command. Its especially effective if the sub is at a complete stop or/and next to terrain to throw off their pursuers.

-Silent Running Length-

Light: 1 ½ minutes

Medium: 1 minute

Large: 30 secs

Submarines Abilities and weapons

to attack, majority of submarines abilities can only work when sub is not in subspace. This makes the subs vulnerable for a time. They can not take much damage in comparison to ships in similar size. So sub players have to pick the right moment and position to attack. Or else become exposed and destroyed or severely damage as a result.

They have no lasers or even turrets(normally) to attack or defend. So they rely heavily on their subspace advantage to protect/hide as well their attack abilities. And unlike other ship classes, they can increase or decrease the amount of torpedoes, missiles, and other weapons.

Less weapons allow the sub to stay in subspace longer and reduces cooldown/delay time. However their attacks can become very limited.

More weapons give more attack options and allows the sub to attack with more volleys of torpedoes and missiles. But decreases time in subspace and increase delay/cooldown and the sub is easier to detect.

While different types of weapons affect the subs subspace performance/detection differently and varies.

-Submarine Abilities: Torpedoes-

o. Standard Torpedoes

These torpedoes do reasonable damage vs ships destroyer size or larger and can severely damage a ship if hit in the weakest parts or used in large quantities. Subs as well as Corvette/Frigate class ships can be severely damage or destroyed by these torpedoes.

o. Large Torpedoes

These torpedoes are design specifically to attack large ship classes like cruisers, dreadnoughts, and carries. Does large amount to severe damage to these ships while destroyers and smaller vessels are lucky to survive.

o. Behemoth Torpedoes

like their name suggests, these torpedoes are the largest torpedoes a sub can carry. Cruisers, carriers, and even the mighty dreadnoughts shudder in fear when they see even one of these torpedoes coming at them. When a large ship is strucked, it will take severe, very severe, or even can be destroyed in one shot depending on ship hp and were it was strucked. These torpedoes are so large that they are nearly corvette in size so they are very noticeable. As well they are dumbfire while the others are lockons so subs must take careful aim to damage or take out a ship.

o. Subspace Torpedoes

Though small in size, these are the only torpedoes that can be used while the sub is in subspace. These torpedoes travel silently, unseen in subspace. They do less damage than the standard torpedoes but their surprise advantage make it about equal or more effective. Only light subs can carry these.

-Submarine Abilities: Missiles and Rockets-

o. Ballistic Missiles

Fires a barrage of missiles, similar to the dreadnought version. However unlike the dreadnought version, subs can rearm and have more volleys possible depending on sub size and how many missile tubes are equipped.

o. Cluster Rockets

Submarine fires rockets in the direction of the enemy. Splitting into 4 rockets increasing the area of effect. Some of the fastest self proportion projectiles in the game. Only medium submarines can equip this ability.

o. Inter-Planetary Ballistic Missile

the missile is large, longest range, and faster than normal ballistic missiles. Does great amount of damage if hits ship, though not as much as Ballistic Missiles can do if nearly or all hit a ship.

o. Gas Cloud Screen

Sub fires multiple rockets that explode after player releases finger off the ability or a few secs if already released. When activated, the rockets release a cloud of gas that obscures the area to make the sub and allies harder to target/hit.

o. Nuclear Missile

Uses the same type of missiles available to dreadnoughts and cruisers. However submarines can carry more and rearm faster than other ship classes. However there is a alert that goes out warning of the nuclear strike and the missile itself is very noticeable. Used to break of ship formations and of coarse destroy ships that foolishly do not get out of the area targeted.

o. Anti-Matter Nuclear Missile

Same type of effect as the normal Nuke Missile. But 4 times larger and damage. Obliterates all who are caught in it. Lucky are those who get hit in its outer area of the blast and live. When used a warning goes out as well the missile looks like a star streaking across the area. A clear warning for those ships that see it and know its coming at or near them. Only large submarines can carry it. And only one at a time do to New Geneva Convention agreement when it comes to super-weapons such as this one.

-Other Submarine Abilities-

o. Emergency Dive

Allows the sub to enter subspace but at a cost to the length of time it can stay in subspace. Delay still applies.

o. Hidden Turrets

Allows sub to deploy/hide turrets that are equipped inside the sub compartments. They act like normal turrets but take up missile/rocket slots. Used to surprise the enemy and attack light vessels like frigates, corvettes, and fighters.

o. Sonar pulse

Sends out a large sonar pulse that not only detects enemy ships, but increases damage done to them by 10%-30%. However, this exposes the subs location and disrupts the subspace bubble to be even more visible than a ship cloaking for x amount of secs. Distortion stay longer depending on ship size and how many weapons and/or weapon types equipped.

o. Subspace drone

Sub sends out a drone while in subspace. The drone can scout around for targets while in subspace. Unlike carriers, drone scout is not req to come back to the submarine it came from. It just means a longer cooldown. Scout is slower than the carrier variant and like sub sends out spacial sonar waves to detect ships.

Again sorry for the long post. Its a lot to take in but I hope it helps to explain the class better. I will make a separate, more detail, and even longer thread in the Hanger forum. Including what ships and abilities can/could counter the submarine class.

If you have ideas for subs or to counter them please comment! :)