Censorship confirmed

So matching higher tiers with lower tiers is officially confirmed to be intended.

Finally removed DN from my drive. All hope is lost here. I am tired of your stupid ideas.

PS: And no, due the other stupid things you did (such as repairs and a horrendous grind in general), the problem will never be fixed, since no one would even bother leaving the recruit fleets. He wouldn't gain anything from it.

Agreed. This combined with limiting the squads removes any skill from the game and turns it into some stat based cr4p.

Zerthios#2121 posted (#post-50743)

Gotta say though, wait for 2.0 the entire system is going to change with how you get modules and ships so it will hopefully be less grindy.

Fun fact: It's about +10 times more grindy now.

Have fun wasting up to 15h to get a single Tier 3 ship.