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They tried to address this, but failed. I recommend just resigning yourself to it not getting fixed.

Or run a build to deal with it. Drain/purge then pewpew, also if your team focuses on one ship then switches and then switches, the healers can't heal everything. Keep hopping forcing them to change target, and you can take them out easily. a team can pump out more damage than a healer can heal. You just need to focus it.

You can't exspect to be able to take out people playing as a team when your not.

I will have to agree with Brother Belial here,there are counters to deal with it,and the most valuable of them all is the teamplay.
I dont play tacs as main,but they've been nerfed during the past months actually.Also,you should realise that Dreadnought is a team based game.The commands in this game are for a reason,such as marked targets etc.

Happy Holidays to all of you!Have a great time!

Hello hello all!!!

If i remember correctly,either you have to do a proving ground match,or to do the training match.

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I personally want to see the Jutland's cannons used like naval guns (which is what they resemble), massive alpha damage at long range and then a slow reload or slow fire rate to balance.

We have Heavy Mortar cannons that do the exact thing u are describing(at t5 though)

Imo the Jutlands guns need a bit of speed rate increase.

What you are describing,the extra timing is on all broadsides,and almost on all modules,cause the actual firing takes time.I dont find it wrong imo,unless it would be completely OP..

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All Dreadnought primary guns

So nearly all Dreads might need a balance pass regarding their guns.

What this Captain above said...exactly..

The game is still in beta,and to be honest who cares about steam launcher?

For example the Trident skin makes the heavy dreadnought quite longer.It seems like when shielding the whole area of the ship is covered by the bubble,so normally that would mean that the hitbox is bigger also.i always had that question in my mind,would be nice if we had an official answer from a Dev here.