One is The Hanuman(Light Dreadnought),look so sweet..and the other one??

Dragonychus#0000 posted (#post-144181)

as long as my squad is at least somewhat competent..

You dont need a squad to be competent,people just tend to forget to communicate in groups and stay scattered(in a team based pvp game..).Pug teams,even with lower tier ships have won matches before against squads,its not something impossible.

Dont know,while people were calling fulgora trash,i enjoyed it,but i enjoyed Dola too for some weird reason so dont listen to me.Try to be more stealthy with the Fulgora at the start of any engaging if thats possible,track your target,dont just rush in.Also fully equipped Fulgora is quite nice,distruptor pulse helps a lot too,so as the drain missile.

CrazyPif#5511 posted (#post-141117)

Don't you think there's something wrong with the MM if you can't play your best ships?

If there are not enough T5s for a legendary match,no,nothing is wrong.Soon,when more people get their hands on T5s,we will bave more and more matches.

DN_Svenice#5360 posted (#post-141160)

This will stop happening after the 1.9 update toward the end of this month on PC and a little later on PS4. More details to come shortly.

Xmm thats nice to hear,thanks for the info DN_Svenice.

Hero ships are used mostly for their look customizations,also you can try briefings u havent unlocked yet.Some heroships are mediocre,some are great.One great example is the Huscarl.But again,those ships are not ment to be OP.

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-136660)

We do have one now, the "Blocked" bonus that sometimes pop up when you absorb damage with shield. It does not work with armor module if I perceive correctly

Its just broken,it used to work long time ago though,granting you points for tanking(absorbing consistent dmg with your shield).So there is an actual reward for taking/tanking dmg,but it hasnt been fixed yet.

I think its the first time in the history of this game forums that i see a complaint topic about Dreads being OP,well done sir.

But seriously though,some Dreadnoughts need buffs,not debuffs.

Lymceh#8349 posted (#post-136743)

No, the bug before tiers were implemented was that Blast Pulse also ignored shields, not just ABW, allowing corvettes to chain them in a devastating combo. ABW was always working as intended.


Corvettes are only "overpowered" against unaware and unexperienced players,stay grouped with your team(unless u are a vette),use shields,check always your map and look around you if any corvette is on the enemy team.

Corvettes are assasins,like in any other game assasins have high dmg/high speed but low health.Few hits are enough to scare them,and a fleeing corvette is a defeated one.The more you will play,the more you will see that they are not overpowered or such a big threat.