Oh i forgot about this completely

Odin : Monarch,T5 Heavy Dreadnought

Thank you all,i am happy to be back,see you in game!

Shocknfunk#5058 posted (#post-125819)

Hoping it was well worth the work to get those engines back running.

Until now fortunately it is well worth it,and now with Dreadnought for the dark nights by my side,the 4 months thats left,will just fly. smile

Although,its kinda hard to resist and not stay here for ever..

(D@mn,it feels good to be back smile ..)

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I am talking about my experience as it is since I came back.

If you guys are so cynical about this game, you should simply play something else maybe.

I just uninstalled another multiplayer game which I paid 89$ and it turned out to be real messy and bad altogether (p2p connection for an online fighting game, seriously... I am not even talking about matchmaking, cause there it's just super bad!)

Dreadnought is such an awesome stable game in comparison. And it's free.

You haven't played much Veteran yet have you?

I have,yet i earn points even with T3s(so not only T4s earn points,everything depends on how you play),and never waited 20 mins for a queue on different times a day(exaggerate a bit there?).

Why there is always people trying to change someones positive opinion on the game?

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P.s. i dont know who you least not with that name.

Not that hard to figure out who the only player to have three tier 5 ships is lol

Yet again,i dont recall the name.Also by this time i dont think you should be the only one owning 3 t5 ships.I would have to agree with Chip,the amount we spent on this game or the personal progress doesnt give us anything over another player.

Sinofmen#0600 posted (#post-115228)

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I think he is doing exactly as he should. constant raging like a lot of ppl do is exactly what scares away new players without even playing the game.

I read some of the mentioned posts and most of the time the question was answered so no need to keep the thread. And there are alot of complaining posts that are not closed. Your view seems heavily biased my friend.


Look "My Friend" everyone knows who I am. Everyone knows how much time I have put into this game.

There is no need to be offensive,he just stated his opinion as you did,and to be honest i agree with him.In my ipinion community managers are doing their job as they should.People tend to post things without searching the forums.And some posts are ment to be locked.

P.s. i dont know who you least not with that name.

Cloak Pulse maybe?The Tactical Cruiser class has the accessibility to that kind of module,it can cloak every team member in range for few seconds.Its available at T4.

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The DN Community Discord IS a wreck, it DOES harbor a negative (to the community) game environment and nothing you say can dismiss this.

Do u got proof?

Noone is trying to force you to believe or use something..Why so much hate dude?

(P.s. Neither do i want a forced in game voice chat.)

There is a patch incoming with new content.

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I'm in my late 30's, I don't want to listen to a 12 year

This,but i will add "swear".When i play,i play to enjoy the game,sometimes with friends,sometimes alone.At least i want to have the option to mute from options in game before even enter a match,if in game voice chat will be available later on.

This game does a good job with clear in game statements and icons appearing over targets or those asking for repairs

Command wheel needs some work in my opinion,with the new UI incoming,probably it will changed.