Beta incoming 2016 though so sign up to get on the list

I only signed up for the beta, is there any way to sign up for the alpha? When I played it at pax east the option was not available

I'm a student moving alot and play games limited to my surface pro 3. Im pretty sure it could handle dreadnought (low graphics of course) but was wondering if there has been any mention of the system requirements for it

When I played at pax east I was a big fan of the tactical support class. Getting a kill is satisfying but saving a ship who then kills the enemy is something I find more rewarding

I hope I get invited to the alpha! Game was great at pax east, the after party was cool too

Excited for the game to come out and want to make a team that will just meet up and play a few matches

Captain Leela and the Planet Express Ship, never had enough firepower

False! I wish I could play 4+ hours a day, but in reality its probably 2 hours tops.

The person bellow me is so excited to play Dreadnought hes already decorated his room with battle cruisers

The demo at Pax East intel booth was awesome, I also got a chance to be at the after party and check out the tournament. This game is going to be awesome