Just had it happen 2 more times and ofc lost both of those games too AND I also had a match where I couldn't see anyone.. all my enemies were invisable... ship models weren't showing up...

I really hope another server wipe happens because this is seriously bs

Being dragged into a game while waiting for a match and the match was already more than half way over..

Joining a match where the score is 67 to 34?? and of course I was on the losing team none the less so now it counts against my record/statistics which just HELLA triggers me even more..

I'd much rather wait in queue for a brand new match than get pulled into a match where also I couldn't even pick a ship I was just thrown into a game and poof I spawn with a Destroyer which I like NEVER play.

Please fix match making... I know it's such a small thing but for some people it matters.. make it so the game can recognize this behavior and those kinda matches don't count against you.. I'd be fine with that but **** it triggers me and I can't imagen I'm the only one it bothers.. especially if this game is suppose to be competitive and what not.

DN_Dariuas#6010 posted (#post-55138)

Hey there Dimmizer,

You've not actually lost your rank, it is a visual bug that we've seen creep up a few times since the new patch. We're not entirely sure what is causing it, but we've seen relogging fix it. Try that for me and let me know if it works!

As soon as we can figure out what is happening and what is causing it we'll get the code wizards on it!


Ah cool smile thanks.

Hey Grey Box

After this recent update today I just logged in and noticed my rank is now 00 when I was like 02 or 03 eariler and I still have all the stuff I unlocked/bought with GP n stuff.. could this be fixed?

Can anyone or a community manager respond about this? Will progression be reset again or are we free to play and level like hardcore status or should I wait?

Signed up, Shall await patiently :)

Yuss! cant wait!

LOL I was just gonna say..

If no one could tell I'm VERY bored and looking for some kind of new game to play... The front page with the whole "Coming Soon" well it's not soon enough lol :D

New Announcement:

It's been awhile since I've last replied as I've just been patiently awaiting a alpha/beta invite but I am no longer with L4 Gaming.

I'm deffo looking for a group of people who'll know tactics & teamwork :D.

I can offer technical help for websites n servers etc..

I have extensive leadership experience from my EVE Online days running a 3000+ man alliance dealing with everything from diplomatic relations to running the IT Services for the alliance IRC, Jabber, Teamspeak etc..

I will be streaming in the near future as well so I'll be able to provide a stream for which ever group decides to pick me up.

Please feel free to message me here or contact me via Steam

Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-291)

Dimmizer#8066 posted (#post-290)

Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-219)

Welcome Captain!

Thanks m8 :), I really look forward to putting together a nice competitive team so I can't wait for this game to release / open beta :D

I know the feel ^^'''

Let's it's coming soon

Ya forgot the ™ pm on Soon LOL xD

also bump for L4 :D, We're still around or rather I am at least. The rest of L4 is playin other random games but always interested in more people :D.