this worked for me ty

So I tried repair, and after about an hour of the repair tool still nothing worked. So I bypassed it by opening up DreadGame-Win64-Shipping.exe, then figured out I have to start it via Run_MmogBrain.bat.

i cant get in at all just doesnt laucnh at all, is the game even still able to play at this moment?? i got the emails late.

are we allowed to promote the game without saying anything about any mechanics or matches or any of that? i know quiet a few people in my clan would love this game.

DEVASTRATOR#4326 posted (#post-10433)

welcome to the forums captain

TY!! very helpful <3 much love

NZ_InFerno#9735 posted (#post-10222)

Read the whole email.

Short answer is no.

I did Read the email and the User agreement but i didnt see anything, which is why i aksed smile hope to see you in htere smile

Shadowspark#1346 posted (#post-10207)

Im up for a teamup. smile

good to meet you smile i have teamspeak and a mc as well. do you know if we are allwed to stream the game?? if any bugs occur i would shut the stream down if they are worried about that or any features they dont want people to see i can cover up via my overlay.

I just got my key in the emails, and my first question is are we allowed to stream this game on twitch. I was just wondering and thought id ask before i got into trouble or something lol. also looking for people to buddy up with if anyones interested, super excited!!