Thanks @Ridiculon and @theDeath for already writing most everything I could have said.

To condense it to two questions:

How does it make a players fleet more diverse if he/she has to grind 5-10 hours to get a ship they found they didn't have but could have used in that instance?

And why, if it's about monetization as I expected, are so many GP-only cosmetics locked to T5, which you expect players won't see that often? Who would pay for something that, by design, is only a third of the experience, tops?

Pretty much what I don't get.

Hard monetization, ok, it's money; ... but they don't do that.

And I don't get it. WHY?

There is absolutely no reason to pay money in this game, I can convert XP that I don't need to then be stuck with having no currency, and I can not buy cosmetics until I'm 50 hours into the game. Sure, "It's not done yet", but I can't see how it could possibly improve like this without changing things that could have been created differently in the first place.

It's been asked countless times already.

The short answer is "no".

Vanity was fine in the old system, but with the amount of frankly jarring ship parts we've been sent with the five tiers that doesn't really hold that much water any more. I don't think I'd notice if someone exchanged their T5 visuals for a T4 with a premium part. A bit extra free XP would be nice, though, I mean the ships sure don't need it.

That said, I obviously don't mind extra currency from premium ships, given that I have nearly all of them; I just don't see it as a necessity.

I think the ship could do with about 10% extra muzzle velocity, to go with the faster targets in beginner bracket.

A ballistic broadside would also be neat, it looks and sounds impressive and is fun to use, however that would make it rather disappointing to unwrap the T4 later to find it has scatterguns.

I think it's a horrible ship in beginner Tier. Of course, I thought it was a horrible ship to begin with (no pun intended), but even more so now:

Low tier ships are faster, so the main gun has a harder time hitting anything at long range.

Close in, you have no secondary, and there is no situation I can fathom where you can line up a broadside without that somehow being your targets fault.

A hard to learn, slow, close range ship with a subpar primary sure isn't what I'd expect to get when spending money on the game for the first time.

I got a question about this:

I see the reasons for implementing tedious grind with the occasional show of higher tiers to keep people busy and "encourage" them to spend money. I sure don't like it, but if the original system didn't pay the bills, I can see the economic necessity. Yet, it... doesn't seem to work.

Players that come in expecting a slow paced battleship game will quickly leave, while those that enjoy simple fast paced matches don't really have a reason to ever play T5 that is supposed to be different.

It takes is easily possible to grab the XP for a new ship, naking the whole "free XP" conversion mechanic rather pointless as I'm not actually ever in a need for more XP; I couldn't buy what I'd unlock afterwards anyways. Then it takesforever to actually get the money to buy things, and there is no way to convert real currency to ingame currency to just buy the ship.

I'm ok with the latter so it's a little less obvious P2W, but then what is the point of the entire change? I can't quite wrap my head around what the patch is supposed to do. Is there actually anything I can buy with GP?

PS: No, I don't like the patch at all, not a single bit of it, but I'm trying to see the developers point of view here. And I sort of fail, that's why I ask.

ChaosWraith#8422 posted (#post-52219)

Tier 1 ships have no repair costs I believe.

Well, he said that a Veteran Fleet could be pulled into a Legendary game. That means you unexpectedly have double the recoil, unless it depends on the fleet and not the game, in which case I guess it's ok.

So my 1-Ship T4 fleet could be pulled into a T5 match I never applied for and then cost me thousands of ingame currency in maintenance?

I'm not sure I'd agree to that.

It's still a broadside. Lockon is still what you want to do. It just won't retarget in between, it's a single long burst.

The shorter cooldown is nice, and it's got decent projectile speed as well.

It's range is the same.