Module amper snapshots. You press F3, (module button), F4, it shouldn't cost you too much.

Hey, given you won't be convinced either way, how about this:

Maybe they don't because it's no fun?

Then again, I said that already and you didn't care, either.

Simple: No one plays Team Elimination, so no one plays Team Elimination.

To even have a chance to get a game there, you need to arrange 2 5-player teams.

Besides, it's the same as Hardcore-Mode in some Multiplayer shooters in that it plays differently, and not everyone likes that.

Corvettes are rarely used in higher level play, f.Ex. but in TE you don't even get a real second chance.

Something similar to what you seem to be aiming at will happen with the tiers in 2.0. Eventually.

Which would be kinda weird given that one is specifically said to not be a TN ship. ^^

Of course, we could later on see a TN dreadnought as a hero ship for the Invictus, fluffed as "The original design that inspired the production version", or the like.

Btw, speaking of which: the ship in the background, top right of the site's background image - What is that? Engine arrangement, ok, but blue exhauts and a beam weapon?

Ah, well, totally independent of that, I just hope for future factions because I hope for gameplay variety. As I said multiple times, weaker ships with autorepair and stronger energy wheel boosts would fit TN.

Or a lineship that only fires sideways, without any ideas of faction.

The game matches you because it has no choice.

Teams are matched against equal size teams, so if you play in a squad with a few friends, and the only other squad online at that time is all level 50s, that's what you'll get.

Depending on time of day, you can expect less than 30 players at a time, so there's not much to go around for matchmaking.

Of course, even when there are players, the matchmaking sometimes gets creative, but it's mostly a matter of the limited playerbase; Everyone is more or less waiting for the next big patch to hit, and if that patch is 2.0, it'll come with a full wipe as well.

ABW ignores shields, and no one quite knows if that's intended or not.

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-42571)

All House Oberon ships are meant to be Transhuman hulls that got refitted with "normal" modules/equipment/tech, they said this once in a stream.

Well, the Invictus fluff says it was the first TN-Inspired ship completely built by human hands, and the Fulgora is also said to be "inspired" by TN drones, but uses salvaged engines.

So there may very well be Transhuman designs that look different; We've f.Ex. never seen a Transhuman DN as far as I know.

I obviously second the plea for more fluff.

What you're discussing here are semantics.

You can call the Tacs "Healbots", and if the Cattaro didn't exist that'd be a perfectly descriptive name.

It's really just a support class, with the only support available being "medic", and yes, that's not tactical at all and rather bland.

There's been several threads about this already, and they all center around the name. You could name all ship classes after your favourite breakfast cereals, and it'd change nothing about the game.

Atm, there's barely any players, and one assumes with the upcoming changes, and everyone at gamescom getting one, there'll supposedly be an influx of new players, I assume also including plenty new invites. I might have one lying around, but I was trying a fleetinvite for someone recently and I ran into technical problems and still haven't managed, so I'll figure that out first. ^^


Edit: Yay 500 posts. I need to get a life.

Things I'm waiting for are that (a TN-Faction, you'll find 1 or 2 threads from me about that) and maybe some cyborg faction or whatever.

Fluffwise, the Transhumans are still there, hiding out. They should offer us stuff to fight for them. smile

Obviously, having outer system scavengers would also be an option.

Or minor factions, as I still think buying quests to gain favour with them is a better FP sink than sky-rocketing repair costs.

That said, the Nox is a repurposed Transhuman ship, and the Fulgora is supposedly also at least based on one.

I would image TN ships to look quite similar to the average Oberon ship, maybe a bit more lithe with brighter engine plumes.

Think about it; You get a random daily, you do it, then you can buy more of those, and once you're in good graces, they offer you extra candy.

I would imagine a high tech faction like TN, or renegade machines or the like, to have mildly different mechanics that would probably befit a faction that's only available after the noob bracket.

It's mostly not the modules, but the experience. I can guarantee you I can slaughter new players in a trader ship, and most of those loadouts are atrocious. We are all hoping it'll get better in the future; It's not without reason I say I'm gathering my daily guilt trip when I try to get a game in; I can live with being outmatched, but what am I supposed to do if my team is just better? I sometimes just don't play for fear of ruining someone else's experience by my mere presence. Then again, people also react extremely agitated when I try to give them tips, like "Don't activate beam amp in range of a sniper".