Essentially what Zardoz said; You just need a healbot on your team, not a pet healer; He'll be able to heal you before the engagement, then heal others.

Besides, what's the problem with multiple loadouts? I have 3 AC loadouts.

I believe Health Amplifier allows for an interesting synergy where you need a healer before combat, but not in combat, as the healing wouldn't be efficient compared to when using the armour amp.

It is the equivalent to sacrificing half your health to take half damage, but also half healing, for 1 minute, and I find that infinitely more interesting than modules that just amp one stat. It also does all that without a two page description, thus being pretty much the epitome of complexity the devs have allowed into the game for now.

The key part of it is that it does not work in combat, you have to activate it beforehand.

I guess if it was to be less healer dependent, I could settle for it boosting selfrepair for 5 seconds so you'd be able to activate it on your own and get most of the bonus. I like to see it as the difference between "Resist" and "Nano-Mesh" overshields for Heavies in Planetside 2, or a channelled selfbuff over a reactive ability in some RPG, even though the mechanics are obviously different.

It should have a different application situation than armour amp, so bar any other considerations, I'm just against it being something that you just pop when you take damage just like armour amp.

Mind you, I could see an instant health boost module just fine with some penalty; I've long wanted an ability that somewhat prevents you from dying for a few seconds at a cost, and just granting you instant health would do that just fine, but it'd obviously have to be taken away afterwards, potentially killing the ship. Far as I know, health amp doesn't do that, however, if you're at 10k of 120k, you'll be at 10k of 60k when it runs out.

Edit: Of note, despite the long posts, I care about it more from a design perspective than a players perspective. As a player, I'm all for marginalizing healers, and I rarely play DN; I just don't want to reduce diversity.

It did detract from it by taking away the very point of the ability.

As much as I disagree with the very existence of healbots, if there's an ability that specifically allows a synergy normally not in place, namely active overheal, that ability should probably keep that interaction.

If health amplifier didn't have that, it'd turn it's usage over armour amp into an academic choice.

Impressive timing. Just one day off of exactly 3 months necro.

They've already confirmed minor cosmetics, f.Ex. the Bounty Hunter Camo (it's ugly) from the beta event, though they hinted at a little more in one of the streams, I think.

And that's all there is to it.

Health amplifier on a monarch with engineering 101 and armour booster pulse means you'll have to shoot down over 200k hp to kill it while the healer can concentrate on something different entirely. It's power lies in allowing the healbot to do it's bidding before the fight even starts. That may not be everyone's playstyles, but it is a valid playstyle.

Still somewhat irked I won't be there. But yeh, in this specific case I agree.

Still, it'd be interesting to see which path they take.

Yeh, it's a space ship. It should do that movement without actually changing z-level, and in about half the time.

Maybe keep it's speed with fade over 3 seconds and a short mobility boost, so you could decide to either accelerate the way you came, or fly backwards for 3 seconds.

Alternatively, make the Z-direction dependent on which way you're flying, and double or triple that distance, so a corvette could, say, quickly spiral upwards.

Saying it's one of the worst modules in the game isn't really adding anything to the pile, that statement's been lying there a few times already.


Someone just tried to argue with realism about how teleporting spaceships should function.

It as as Imrahil said (haven't seen you in a while).

Further, Corvettes could have briefings reducing their cooldowns by another 10%, or when they kill someone with modules (like blast pulse), and desperate measures might reset cooldowns if they take a lot of damage, so they could even dual ABW.

Be aware that that means they have no cloak (useful at low levels) and no amps (useful at high levels). But yeh, better have fast projectiles.

There is nothing intentional about the wheel not working while scrambled. It shouldn't do that, and hopefully won't in the future. Currently the case, though. Sure hope they'll fix the call-outs thing, too.

The progression will be completely reworked come 2.0. Whether they should be unlocked later has to be decided once the new system is in place.

So far, the issues seem to stem more from differing amounts of experience and unlocks.