won’t be issuing any Credit refunds to the players that have reached tier III before the price reduction.

Thank you for your continued efforts in making this game less appealing..

so I purchased Premium currency, I bought 3 ships with it. They should stay according to that. after the wipe I will have to grind back to my ship?

Please take as much time as you guys need. I love you game greygoo, the fidelity and attention to detail that your company employs makes me very eager to buy, play and test what ever order you prefer on dreadnaught... There needs to be more gaming companies like yours. Can't wait to play your game when it meets your high standards.

I cant wait , thanks for the update

Agreed need more info. Please tell us when we can start testing/preorder for this epic game

BUT just how soon.

cant wait :)

Very eager for this release that I even I bought Grey Goo as a means to support this company

cant wait for CBT