I genuinely don't see a problem with the current system. It works exactly as intended.

I think the system is really buggy, but it's entirely dependant on each login. I've had waits of 5+ minutes continually, restarted the game and the waits immediately drop to 20-30 seconds.

I'm pretty much certain that something is going weird on some connections to the servers. If you're getting long waits, try restarting the game.

no-second-chances#6110 posted (#post-41036)

They forced players to play ships they hate to progress to the ship that they want. It was satisfying when they got there but made 50% of the people just quit because the grind was too much for free players. Learn from their mistakes and you will do fine. The leveling system now where you have to be a certain level to buy a certain ship, in my opinion, is great. I felt like I was useful even with the most basic gear.

That's one of the things I'm worried about. I spent at least 90% of my time playing TC or Destroyers, because that's what I enjoy playing. I don't like the idea that I'll be forced to play other ship classes to be able to unlock the next Tier of the ship I already play. The whole idea with "classes" is that you can chose how you play. If a game takes that option away, the playerbase will reject it.

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  • Basically, if the functionality is 100% the same on the module.. across tiers, then unlocking it once should unlock it for all. Unlocking the SAME thing multiple times does NOT feel good unless it is INSANELY cheap.... an example of this is Planetside 2 gun scopes... Every gun has its own scopes, all scopes are the same.. but you have to rebuy them.... However, a gun costs 700-1000 FP, a scope for the gun costs 30. It doesn't 'hurt' my pocket book so much to buy something for 30fp every so often on a similar item to one I already own.


    Monetization ... still talking fleet repair costs smile uhg.

PLanetside 2 is an example of a good system of equipment unlocking. It's not perfect by any means, but it works well within the game.

But. PS2 uses a sidegrade model for it's weapons and equipment. None of the infantry weapons in the main classes are outright "better" than others, but they are better in specific situations. As an example, with the VS Assault Rifles, and HV45 will chew things up at close ranges, but will be beaten easily at longer ranges by a player using a CME. It's a situational balance model and - generally - it works well.

In PS2, a bad player with maxed out suit and equipment slots and a fully upgraded weapon will always lose to a skilled player with basic starting equipment.

But the problem is I don't see this happening with Dreadnought's new model. It just looks like it's filled with nasty little positive-feedback features that are going to wreck newer or weaker players time and time again.

Nothing will kill of the game quicker than killing it for new players. Veteran players don't maintain the game, it's the new blood continually coming it that maintains it. Think CS:GO is kept alive by CS 1.6 players? Or the hundreds of thousands that came in their wake?

Two contracts at once. But to be honest, I never check them as they're worthless 95% of the time.

I pretty much just ignore them. They're basically worthless as a feature right now.

There's very little the Athos and Gora can't do. One is more agile, the other is tankier, but they're both superb general combat vessels.

I don't see this as way of making the game better. I see it as making the game more complicated and considerably less fun.

Sidegrades work from a player retention perspective. Make modules brilliant at a single role. Games like Planetside have a major sidegrade mechanic, and although they're not perfect, it works. There's also a level of vertical progression, but it's never enough to break the balance between new and veteran players. Skill still trumps all.

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Please don't, or it'll just be high tier World of Warships, where no one pushes because of repair costs. We get max 200 FP per match anyways, so it'll be more ridiculous. If they rewarded good performance better, fine, but the low rewards plus a repair system? That is not going to work.

Exactly this. It's hard enough to gain FP without them being taken away for losing a match.