Hmmm as i see it SkyRaider is more active in Forum, than in the game xD
So why acting up? You should be farmed like Reclaimer is beeing farmed, for his ignorance^^
Btw i don't care if u try to insult me, ur just a bad random. And yes, i'm not a nice person, i know that :p

Reclaimer just hates corvettes and trying to mask it with some stupid reasons. Most players are kinda fine and try to adapt, but there are always some triggered whiners, who can't or won't be able to adapt to certain playstyles. Some of them lack ofc common sense.

"Im an experienced player"
"Outside of a nuke and bomb catapult the blink is the only other real one shot weapon in the game."

Ok, another point why you are just a random (a realy bad one btw). So much ignorance and incompetence kinda hurts me.

Bombcata and oneshot?! Rly?! Have you played to much vetteran like reclaimer?
And there are more oneshot mechanics btw... Ever seen a plasma ram? Starlings? Triple amped dessie with flak? Boosted Grenada? Stealth Catarro? Flashpoints/Drain combo? Goliath?

"Why is a one shot on the smallest and most fragile ship? why is it more powerful than a nuke? theres no reason for it."

Read what Ortis, Fluffy and Dragon wrote. If u still can't understand it, you most likely never will.
Just an advice: Try this so called op corvette build plz. Rn there are not even two hands full of people who can play it real good. The rest is just feeding like crazy.

If i remember correctly, the devs from Fractured Space had the mentality at the end, to please new players. Look where this game is now. Old Devs already made many mistakes, driven away long time, high skilled players. Would be quite sad, if the same thing happens to dn.

Your complaints make no sense reclaimer tbh. Fine remove corvettes. Then what? Bad players, like u will now complain about what? Weaponboosted, one shooting Arties? Ramcans? Bulldozer? Gunship? Dreadnoughts with Bombers, that will scramble you the whole match? You also want to remove them? Kinda stupid, rly...

Just watch SAD-Reclaimers streams or videos on Twitch. You can see he is quite a low skilled player, despite having a lot of games. The sad part is, reclaimer is actually the most skilled from SAD. If you understand German u will also realize, that communication is a missing factor when they squad.
Till now not a single skilled player complained about OP corvettes. Strange hmm?
Corvettes face the most counters in game and have one of the lowest amount of usefull builds.
If u get bullied/stomped by squad made out of corvettes it's ok. With a serious lineup on the enemy side it would be even harsher for you.
Really can't undestand how someone can play for so long and refuse to adapt...

Skyraider: From my games with you: No. I count you as random, not expirienced, sry.

Nightfire: If a player asked ingame how to counter, they are always told how to. But u can't tell them how to gain map-awareness or use their modules in the right moment. Also in the official Discord there are tons of good builds and advices. But if u refuse to use them after some thousends of games, you're kinda lost imo.