The game will be pretty well optimized when it comes out. im sure as long as you have atleast and 1GB or 2GB graphics card and 8GB of memory it shouldnt be to bad.

Deshiva#4048 posted (#post-6452)

We need a founder pack, early access to the game for $$ is enough for me. Anything extra past early access is just icing smile

While i think it would be great it can also hurt the game. People pay for early access all the time and then they complain about the game which is not yet even released. At this point it pushes people away from the game. We have all encountered this more then enough. Plus throwing money at the game wont solve anything ether.. Some games get so much in funding and will never be released cause they keep making up things to try to bank on.

I personally love how Dreadnought Devs are going on with the game.

So I have a few questions which i do not seem to see the answers from anywhere. ( Tried to search first before asking)

  1. Will this Dreadnought be built with the options for Controller/Joystick and keyboard and mouse?

  2. What is the current system specs going to be for Dreadnought?

  3. Any special optimizations for AMD or Nvidia?

  4. DirectX 12?

  5. Will people in Alpha or Closed beta be allowed to Stream/Record game play?

Captain OmegaC Reporting in,

Hello and welcome fellow Captains. I am very much interested in this game as much as everyone else is. So much about this game keeps me back to look more and more for the info and videos. So i just wanted to introduce myself since i have been an lurker!!. So how many of you are US based gamers?